A mesmerizing 7-Day Safari that features Walking Along the Crater Rim and Visiting Maasai Village

In this incredible 7-day adventure, you’ll witness the awe-inspiring wildlife thriving in the diverse landscapes of the northern circuit. Picture monkeys swinging through lush forests, lions perched on trees, elephants strolling among acacia trees, and an astonishing array of animals thriving within a collapsed volcano. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit a Maasai village and enjoy a captivating sunset walking safari along the rim of the crater, providing an unforgettable and priceless experience.

A remarkable 7-day safari adventure that combines breathtaking wildlife encounters, Maasai cultural tours, and walking safaris along the Ngorongoro Crater Rim with captivating landscapes in Tanzania’s northern circuit.  With carefully selected accommodations and knowledgeable guides, this safari promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of the African wilderness.

7-Day Tanzania Ngorongoro Walking Safari  Highlights

Experience the highlights of this incredible 7-day safari adventure in Tanzania:

  1. Tarangire National Park: Encounter large herds of elephants and a diverse range of wildlife in the stunning landscapes of Tarangire. Witness seasonal swamps, savannahs, and the life-giving Tarangire River as you embark on thrilling game drives.
  2. Serengeti National Park: Explore the vast Serengeti, known for its spectacular annual migration of wildebeest, zebras, and antelopes. Marvel at the diverse habitats, from grassy plains to swamps, lakes, and mountains, and spot an abundance of wildlife, including the iconic Big Five.
  3. Maasai Village Visit: Immerse yourself in the Maasai culture as you visit a traditional village. Learn about their customs, participate in traditional activities like fire-making and beadwork, and interact with friendly villagers.
  4. Walking Safari on Crater Rim: Embark on a scenic walking safari along the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. Explore extinct volcanoes, breathtaking landscapes, and encounter wildlife in these beautiful highlands while enjoying the remarkable views of the surroundings.
  5. Ngorongoro Crater: Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Africa’s natural wonders. Witness the dense population of wildlife, including wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, and an array of bird species, in this stunning crater formed millions of years ago.
  6. Lake Manyara National Park: Discover the diverse landscapes of Lake Manyara National Park, home to a shallow salt lake and abundant birdlife, including flamingos. Spot monkeys, giraffes, zebras, and with luck, lions lounging in the trees.
  7. Comfortable Accommodations: Enjoy your stay in carefully selected lodges and camps, ranging from luxury to mid-range options, ensuring comfort and relaxation after each exciting day of wildlife encounters.

These safari highlights promise a thrilling and unforgettable journey, immersing you in the wonders of Tanzania’s remarkable wildlife and landscapes.

Day-by-Day Itinerary Summary:

Day 1: Arrival in Arusha – Arrive in Arusha, where you’ll be greeted by a Lion King representative and taken to your accommodation at the foot of Mount Meru. Rest and prepare for the adventures ahead.

Day 2: Tarangire National Park – Depart from Arusha to Tarangire National Park. Enjoy game drives through the park’s stunning landscapes, spotting wildlife such as elephants, zebras, wildebeests, and more. Overnight at a mid-range partner lodge.

Day 3: Serengeti National Park – Travel towards the Serengeti, passing through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Reach the Serengeti by midday and embark on thrilling game drives, witnessing the great migration and a wide range of wildlife. Stay overnight at Serengeti Heritage Tented Camp.

Day 4: Serengeti National Park – Spend the entire day on game drives in the Serengeti. Encounter an abundance of wildlife, including impalas, buffaloes, crocodiles, and resident predators like leopards, cheetahs, and lions. Return to Serengeti Heritage Tented Camp for relaxation and dinner.

Day 5: Serengeti to Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Start the day with a game drive in the Serengeti, searching for the “Big Five.” Then, visit a Maasai village to learn about their customs before heading to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Embark on a walking safari along the crater rim at sunset. Overnight at selected accommodation.

Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater to Karatu – Experience an early morning game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater, famous for its dense animal population. Spot wildlife like wildebeests, zebras, elephants, and diverse bird species. After a picnic lunch, depart for Karatu and stay at a mid-range partner lodge.

Day 7: Lake Manyara National Park & Return to Arusha – Explore Lake Manyara National Park, home to flamingos, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, and more. Witness the diverse landscapes and wildlife before returning to Arusha in the late afternoon, marking the end of your incredible safari adventure.

This day-by-day itinerary summary offers a glimpse into the exciting activities and destinations you’ll experience during the 7-day Ngorongoro Crater Rim walk safari + Maasai Village Visit, showcasing the beauty and wildlife wonders of Tanzania.

Day 1

Arrival in Arusha

Upon your arrival at the airport, a warm welcome awaits you from a Tranquil Kilimanjaro representative who will take you to your accommodation in Arusha. Nestled at the foothills of Mount Meru, Arusha is a city renowned for its scenic beauty. Your overnight stay will be in the tranquil and verdant surroundings of the Mount Meru Hotel, resting on 15 acres of captivating landscape.


  • Luxury: Grand Melia Lodge / Mount Meru Hotel / Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • Mid-range: Ilboru Safari Lodge / Arusha Planet Lodge / Airport Planet Lodge
  • Budget: Outpost Lodge / Tulia Boutique Hotel / Green Mountain Hotel

Day 2

Tarangire National Park

Embark on an exhilarating morning journey as our personal safari guide collects you from your lodgings in Arusha. We venture towards Tarangire National Park, traversing the gently rolling Masai plains adorned with scattered acacia trees. Along the way, you’ll catch glimpses of the Masai people in their vibrant attire, walking along the roadside, riding bicycles, herding cattle, and even driving donkey carts. Tarangire National Park, famous for its large elephant herds, also hosts a myriad of other fascinating creatures. From the open roof of our safari jeep, you’ll witness the seasonal swamps, expansive savannahs, and the life-giving Tarangire River, providing encounters with an abundance of wildlife. Zebras, wildebeests, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, and many more await your arrival. With luck, you might even witness lions stealthily stalking their prey or leopards leisurely resting in the treetops. After an exhilarating game drive, we’ll head to one of our carefully chosen mid-range partner lodges for a delightful dinner and a restful night’s sleep, allowing dreams of encountering the wild cats to whisk us away.


  • Luxury: Kitela Lodge / Lake Manyara Kilima Moja / The Retreat at Ngorongoro
  • Mid-range: Eileen’s Tree Inn / Endoro Lodge / Karatu Simba Lodge

Day 3

Serengeti National Park

Following a scrumptious breakfast, we continue our journey towards the fertile highlands where the Iraqw people cultivate wheat, coffee, and corn. As we pass through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, be prepared to be captivated by the breathtaking sight of the Ngorongoro Crater. Our adventure then leads us to the Serengeti National Park, a vast expanse covering an astounding 15,000 square kilometers. The Serengeti boasts diverse landscapes and habitats, including grassy plains, swamps, lakes, savannahs, and mountains. It is also home to the incredible phenomenon of the great migration, where wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes undertake their annual search for food and water. Depending on the season, you may witness thousands of animals on this awe-inspiring journey. After an extensive game drive, we’ll head to Seronera Valley for an evening meal and spend the night at the Serengeti Heritage Tented Camp. With its newly renovated facilities, including tents raised on wooden platforms, a splendid buffet dining tent, captivating musicians, and a warm fire on the plains, you’re in for a truly memorable experience.


  • Luxury: Kubu Kubu Tented Camp / Melia Serengeti Lodge / Four Season Serengeti
  • Mid-range: Serengeti Heritage Tented Camp / Embalakai Camp / Acacia Central Camp

Day 4

Serengeti National Park

Dedicate this entire day to thrilling game drives within the Serengeti. As the habitat of a rich variety of wildlife, including impalas, buffaloes, crocodiles, hippos, and countless others, the Serengeti is renowned for its vast herds of migrating zebras, antelopes, and wildebeests. Their migration patterns are determined by rainfall, resulting in their movement from the woodlands and hills of the northern region to the grassy plains of the south from November to December. During the longer rainy season from April to June, they journey back to the north. In addition to observing these magnificent migrations, you may also have the chance to witness resident predators such as leopards, cheetahs, and lions carrying out their roles in the circle of life. As the day comes to a close, return to the Serengeti Heritage Tented Camp to unwind, savor a delectable dinner, and drift off to sleep on the endless plain.


  • Luxury: Kubu Kubu Tented Camp / Melia Serengeti Lodge / Four Season Serengeti
  • Mid-range: Serengeti Heritage Tented Camp / Embalakai Camp / Acacia Central Camp

Day 5

Serengeti to Ngorongoro Conservation Area via Maasai Village & Walking on the Crater Rim

Following an early breakfast, embark on another thrilling game drive across the Serengeti. This may be your opportunity to spot the renowned “Big Five” – lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, and leopards. Afterward, we continue our journey towards the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where you’ll pass by a Maasai village. Immerse yourself in the local culture as you learn about their customs, including fire-making and beadwork. You might even have the chance to interact with the villagers in their homes, with your guide readily available for interpretation if needed. This fascinating activity takes approximately one hour. Following the village visit, we proceed directly to the rim of the crater for a mesmerizing walking safari at sunset. Accompanied by an armed ranger, you’ll explore extinct volcanoes, captivating landscapes, and astonishing wildlife in these beautiful highlands. The views and scenery will leave you breathless as you spend around 2 to 2.5 hours immersed in this remarkable experience. As the evening descends, we head to your accommodation for a delightful dinner and a peaceful overnight stay.


  • Luxury: Ngorongoro Serena Lodge / Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp
  • Mid-range: Rhino Lodge / Angata Ngorongoro Camp

Day 6

Ngorongoro Crater to Karatu

Rise early to witness the breathtaking spectacle of the sun rising over the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater. After enjoying a hearty breakfast, we embark on an adventurous journey down the crater’s rugged track. This UNESCO World Heritage site, one of Africa’s seven wonders, was formed approximately three million years ago and plunges 610 meters deep, covering an expansive area of around 260 square kilometers. With its dense population of approximately 25,000 ungulates, the Ngorongoro Crater provides unparalleled game viewing opportunities, surpassing all other parks in Tanzania. Within minutes of entering the crater, you’ll encounter an abundance of wildlife, including wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, elephants, and over 500 species of birds. Keep your eyes peeled, as you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive black rhino grazing in the grasslands. Following an extensive game drive and a delightful picnic lunch, we bid farewell to the crater in the afternoon and make our way back to Karatu, where we’ll spend the night at one of our carefully selected mid-range partner lodges, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.


  • Luxury: Kitela Lodge / Lake Manyara Kilima Moja / The Retreat at Ngorongoro
  • Mid-range: Eileen’s Tree Inn / Endoro Lodge / Karatu Simba Lodge

Day 7

Karatu - Airport - Depart

On the final day of your 7 days safari walking on the Crater Rim and a visit to the Maasi Villages, you will be picked up from your accommodation and driven to the airport, marking the end of your unforgettable journey through Tanzania’s magnificent national parks.

The cost for the whole 1 week  Tanzania walking safari + Maasai culture  includes and excludes the following items

Tanzania Safari Price includes

Park fees

Game drives and activities

All accommodation

A professional driver/ safari guide

All transportation

All Taxes/VAT

Roundtrip airport transfer


Water / Coffee / Tea or Soft Drinks

Price Excludes

International flights

Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour

Tanzania Visa


Personal Expenses (e.g. laundry, telephone, beverages, etc.)

Meals not listed above

Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

The best time for this safari is during the dry season, which typically runs from June to October. During this period, the weather is generally pleasant, with lower chances of rain and comfortable temperatures. The dry season is ideal for wildlife viewing, as animals gather around water sources, making it easier to spot them during game drives. Additionally, the Great Migration of wildebeest and other herbivores occurs in the Serengeti from June to July, offering a remarkable spectacle to witness. However, it’s important to note that wildlife sightings can still be excellent during other months, and each season has its own unique advantages. It’s recommended to consult with a local safari expert or tour operator to plan your trip based on specific preferences and wildlife interests.

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