Hotels in Moshi come in all types of categories for climbers who have just arrived in Tanzania before and after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. From budget accommodation options to mid-range up to luxury hotel rooms. We strongly recommend that since Moshi is the closest town to Mount Kilimanjaro, it is wiser to book your hotel in Moshi or Arusha if at all it is not possible to reach Moshi the day before you begin your climb. Moshi provides a wide variety of hotels, all types of standards too. If you have chosen a private Mount Kilimanjaro tour to climb, then you can opt to upgrade your accommodation before or and after your climb with a little bit of luxury. For extra comfort and relaxation, the hotels and lodges below offer more facilities and amenities. Only those climbers adding a safari option after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro should opt to stay at a hotel or lodge in Arusha. The choice is open and we are flexible with any hotel or town you choose; these are just recommendations of hotel upgrades and where to stay before and after your climb.

See the top hotels near Kilimanjaro Airport

Where to stay before you climb Kilimanjaro or after climbing

Depending on your budget, there are many accommodation options to explore regarding places to stay a day or a few days before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. On the mountain be rest assured that you will find a place to sleep which also depends on the route you are choosing. Only the Marangu route offers accommodation in dormitory style lodging while on the rest of the routes you will have to pitch tents on designated campsites on the mountain. What about before you begin your expedition, after arriving in Tanzania?

See the top hotels before and after climbing Kilimanjaro

How we take you to your hotel before climbing Kilimanjaro

Once you arrive at the airport, preferably Kilimanjaro International Airport, our staff from Tranquil Kilimanjaro will be there to receive you with a placard and a smile of course. After meeting and greeting, our driver will transport you to your recommended hotel or lodge.

What about accommodation after climbing Kilimanjaro?

Sure, your itinerary includes accommodation after you descend from the mountain. Depending on your itinerary we might book you in Moshi or Arusha. If you are in a rush and not staying overnight, a hotel or motel near the airport is more appropriate just to freshen up and relax. If you have enough time on your hands, an overnight stay in a comfortable hotel in Moshi would be more appropriate. Some treks include a safari extension and we strongly advise that you stay in Arusha instead of staying in Moshi because safaris usually begin early in the morning, staying in Arusha would give you a 2-3 hour headstart compared to if you stayed in Moshi town.

Do you offer transport from Kilimanjaro Airport to the Hotel/Lodge?

Yes, we offer transport to and from the Airport to your hotel or lodge. Our van is comfortable and features a spacious sitting, spacious luggage room, and is air-conditioned. We also offer transportation to and from the mountain for our clients and mountain crew which is also included in the tour prices.

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Accommodation in Moshi
Accommodation in Moshi

Where to stay before climbing Kilimanjaro
Where to stay before climbing Kilimanjaro


We have seen a rising tendency of hikers reserving hotel rooms directly in Moshi during this period of working at Tranquil Kilimanjaro. There are usually some excellent offers on the table through several hotel booking sites like, and other accommodation portals like Expedia.

As a result, we do not include a hotel stay in Moshi as part of our excursions by default, but it is available as an add-on. We believe that this provides our guests with the most flexibility in terms of lodging alternatives before and after their Kilimanjaro journey.

Best Hotels & Lodges in Moshi, Kilimanjaro

The best accommodation options in Moshi offer unrivalled views, top-notch amenities, and professional service. The majority of the accommodation options around the Kilimanjaro regions and in Moshi can be classified as 3-star alternatives. This is due to the town’s initial design as a low-cost basecamp village to compete with Arusha in terms of Kilimanjaro climb accessibility. You may spend your time in Moshi just admiring the natural beauty of the area while staying in one of the many lodgings maintained by friendly Tanzanians who take good care of their visitors. Most hotels and lodges provide a variety of amenities that are reasonably priced. They’ve also made arrangements for baggage and other items to be stored while you’re on your Mount Kilimanjaro hike.

Moshi Hotel Prices and Costs for Accommodation

Moshi hotel prices may vary according to the standard of accommodation that you may prefer, also hotel add-ons can influence the cost of your stay in Moshi.

Having said that, Tranquil Kilimanjaro has partnered with a few hotels in Moshi in case you prefer Tranquil Kilimanjaro to book your stay. These are contract rates, which are frequently less expensive than what these hotels would charge directly to clients.

Luxury Accommodation Options

There are a number of luxury hotels and lodges to choose from that are ideal for climbers that are willing to upgrade their accommodation options before and after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included usually cost from $80 for a single to $160 for a double or even more.

Ideal for: Travellers looking for comfort, great service and stunning views of Kilimanjaro from their bedroom windows.

Main selling factor: All-round nice little touches including a quiet and serene environment, spacious rooms with all-round luxurious facilities and all.

Luxury Accommodation Options: Kaliwa Lodge and Kiliwonders Hotel

Comfort level of Accommodation

As the name suggests, comfortable accommodation options offer comfortable settings that will make your feel at home and comfy but not pricey, with standard low-medium priced rooms. Most of these hotels and lodges are located in Moshi town but are not too loud as some of them are located just outside the town. You are treated to stunning views of the mountain as you sip coffee or your favourite beer from the rooftop bar or restaurant area.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast can range from $80 for a standard twin / double to $130 for a deluxe double.

Ideal for: The average trekker who is familiar and used to Western standards. Great for families.

Main selling factor: Nice swimming pool area. Western standard hotel with great breakfast and meals. Friendly and professional service. Wifi connection in public areas or sometimes in rooms.

Comfort Accommodation Options: Park View Inn and Chanya Lodge

Other Good Comfort Options

  • Keys Hotel Moshi: Popular hotel for Kilimanjaro hikers. Basic but pleasant. ~$60-$80 a night
  • Mount Kilimanjaro View Lodge: The power is in the name, expect amazing views! ~$70-$80 a night
  • Nyumbani Hotel: Located in town. Clean and comfortable. ~$80-$90 a night
  • Springlands Hotel: Another popular hotel for hikers. Pleasant! ~$100-$120 a night
  • San Salinero Hotel: A little bit more expensive than the other comfort options. Nice rooms. Great pool area! ~$120-$150 a night

Budget Hotel Accommodations

Budget options offer very basic hotel rooms and services. Some of these hotels are located near Kilimanjaro International Airport, while most of them are guest rooms located in the vicinity of Moshi town. The budget hotels in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region are both clean and their staff are friendly.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included cost from $20 for a standard twin / double to $50 for a double.

Ideal for: Backpackers on a budget hikes on a shoe-string budget.

Main selling factor: On a good day when the skies are clear, Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen from the hotels. Some rooms have mosquito nets (request a room with nets). For a small fee, they can organize airport transfers to pick you from the airport.

Drawbacks: Cash only or Mpesa ( a popular mobile payment method in Tanzania). No elevator so if you are on the higher floors it’s a bit of a mini trek! Decor is very basic.

Budget Accommodation Options

  • Rafiki Backpackers: Great little hostel located just outside the central town in Moshi. Costs from $20 a night for a single room to $12 per night for a dorm room
  • The Hibiscus Bed and Breakfast: Basic but really cheap. ~$30 a night
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris Lodge: Central and cheap. ~$40-$50 a night
  • Leopard Hotel: Very central. Basic but pretty good. ~$60 a night

Colonial, Old Style Accommodation

Moshi has many old-style hotels and lodges that were set up during the colonial era. Most of these properties have maintained their structures even ages post the colonial area. Staying at Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge or the Marangu Hotel is a good way to get a taste of Moshi’s colonial charm. Both places put their visitors up in little, different cottages that are separated from one another.

Colonial Style Accommodation Options: Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge and Marangu Hotel.



Do the hotels in Moshi accept credit cards?

Some hotels accept credit cards and plastic money payments but not all accept credit cards. You may need to pay in cash or obtain additional money from the ATM.

Some hotels have swimming pool facilities, perfect for climbers who arrive earlier and still have a few days before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro Wonders is one of the hotels we recommend that has a swimming pool.

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