Mount Kilimanjaro charity climbs are meant for a worthy cause. It is an adventure of a lifetime, conquering the world’s tallest freestanding mountain while at the same time raising money for your favourite charity.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Tanzania and Africa as a whole. The mountain is also one of the “seven summits” in the world.

Join a Mount Kilimanjaro Group for Charity

The choice is yours, you can choose to join a group for your charity climb or organize your own charity group which will be an exclusively private climb. We will be with you all the way to ensure that you fulfil your goal of doing good.

Why choose Tranquil Kilimanjaro for your charity climb?

We have the expertise, passion and drive about mountaineering. Our mountain guides have the knowledge and experience in tackling all the routes on Kilimanjaro. We are also conscious about the environment and giving back to charity and the community which a high summit success rate.

We would love to help achieve your dream, assist your charity and organize climbs dedicated to the many causes affecting many live like cancer, heart conditions, diabetes and many other causes.

Since we are a locally owned Kilimanjaro climbs operator and guides, we hire our own guides and porters that are professional and knowledgeable.

Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your charity and fundraising initiative for Mount Kilimanjaro as we can assist you with all the information you need for your group size, cost, specification, routes, duration, training, kit and fundraising to meet your needs.

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Why choose a charity trek

  • We will definitely assist you to plan your Kilimanjaro charity challenge, from choosing the best route and duration to what gear you will need and how to get there.
  • You can climb Kilimanjaro and donate to any charity of your choice with 100% flexibility on charity fundraising
  • Choosing to join a group climb or arranging your own group is your choice too.
  • You will get value for your money as you will deal directly with us, no middlemen or agents.
  • And of course your charity sponsors, fans, friends or family can supporters can follow you all the way with our live Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook updates

All the proceeds you get from your fundraising climb go to your favorite charity. Just set up a fundraising page on any legit crowdfunding and charity platforms like Just Giving or Virgin Money and you are good to go. You can then share your crowdfunding and charity page with your challenge to friends, family and colleagues. We will also make a donation to support your Kilimanjaro climbing charity challenge.

Which route should I choose for my Kilimanjaro Charity challenge?

Mount Kilimanjaro Charity climb

First and foremost, the most important thing that comes before everything else is your safety. We will advise you on the best route that will make you reach the top of the summit safely. With Kilimanjaro Charity events, getting to the peak is important, it shows your willpower to endure, persist and strive for what you aim to achieve. Since you have both the moral and financial support and backing of your friends, family, and everybody else. It is an inspiration in itself, you will also need to inspire and put your message across of not giving up even in tough times and conditions.

To achieve this goal, it all boils down to acclimatization and proper planning. Summit Success on Mount Kilimanjaro depends mostly on about 80% of proper acclimatisation the rest relies on fitness, will power and determination. That is why at Tranquil Kilimanjaro we strongly advise that you choose a longer route, that will give you enough time to acclimatize and follows the “climb high-sleep low” rule. The two routes recommend for all charity groups to climb are over 8 days, namely the 8 days Lemosho route, and the 9 days Northern Circuit Route.

These routes offer one of the best success rates and are very scenic and beautiful. Of course there are many routes that you can choose from especially you have past experience in climbing high mountains.

When is the best time to plan a charity challenge on Kilimanjaro?


The weather and temperatures of Mount Kilimanjaro do not vary a lot as the mountain lies on the equator where there are no extreme variations in weather and temperature. Meaning you can climb Mount Kilimanjaro any time of the year for Kilimanjaro Charity climbs but the best time should be any months except the rainy and wetter months April and May. November also bears short rains hence it is also least favourable to climb Kilimanjaro for Charity during these months as it is wetter and some parts of the mountain may become slippery.

To summarize, the best months for charity climbs on Mount Kilimanjaro should be the months of June to July and September to October.

Contact us anytime at for a successful Kilimanjaro Charity climb

Mount Kilimanjaro Packages

8 days Lemosho Route
Best seller!

8 days Lemosho Route

The 8-day Lemosho route itinerary gives you an extra day advantage for acclimatization purposes on Mount Kilimanjaro. This 8-day Mount
8 days Lemosho Route

7 days Machame Route

The Machame route which goes by the popular nickname, the "Whiskey" route, is probably the most popular route used to

7 days Lemosho Route

The shorter 7-day Lemosho route variant does not include the extra acclimatization day as the 8-day Lemosho route itinerary. The

6 days Machame Route

The 6 days Machame route does not include the extra day for acclimatization and is therefore recommended for mountain climbers

9 days Northern Circuit Route

The 9 days Northern Circuit Route is one of the easiest routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a recently introduced

7 Days Rongai Route

This is a 7-day Rongai route itinerary variation with an extra day for acclimatization. Gradually sloping towards the summit, Uhuru

6 Days Rongai Route

This 6-day itinerary takes you to the summit of Kilimanjaro using the Rongai Route. Tranquil Kilimanjaro offers treks up the

6 Days Umbwe Route

The 6 days Umbwe Route itinerary on Kilimanjaro is unpopular with many climbers especially first-time climbers for many reasons. First

9 Days Crater Camp via Lemosho Route

This 9-day crater camp trek combined with the 8-day Lemosho route climb is a uniques experience. Crater Camp is a

11 Days Western Breach Route

The 11 days Western Breach route itinerary is rarely or barely used at all due to the risks that come
Shira Route 7 Days

7 Days Shira Route

The 7 days Shira route package is seldom used mostly because Shira is an ancient route that does not follow