It is possible to go on a solo Kilimanjaro climb, provided you have a guide and a few porters to assist you, however, you cannot climb Mount Kilimanjaro alone without any assistance as it is illegal to go up Mount Kilimanjaro alone. Climbing Kilimanjaro in groups or as couples is a quite common thing; solo climbers doing a private climb or joining a group climb is quite common too.

So let us take a look at what to do then you are a solo traveller seeking to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Options for Solo Travellers

On the popular and much-frequented routes, you will not be a loner, you will meet other trekkers, in groups, in pairs even fellow solo climbers doing their thing on the mountain. It is not a strange thing to be a solo mountaineer.

So as a solo trekker, you have two options, the first one is to go ahead with a private climb which means it will only be you, your guide and a few porters that will assist in carrying your mountain equipment like tents and other essentials or you have another option of joining a group, which is more affordable.

Solo Climb Kilimanjaro

It is a passed law that for you to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you must be assigned support staff that includes, a guide, porters and a cook /chef. The only time you can climb alone is if you are an athlete trying to break the Kilimanjaro records and this will be treated as a special event.

The main reason for forbidding people from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro alone is for safety because Kilimanjaro is a challenging mountain with designated routes but with the poor infrastructure you might end up getting lost.

Another reason is more logical, you cannot scale a whole 5,875 meters of a mountain with heavy luggage, carrying your own medication, first aid kit, tents, sleeping mat, food supplies, gas stove and cylinder, table, chair, clothing and so forth. They will wear you down.

Also, you might get sick, in the high altitudes, and harsh weather conditions that come with strong winds and sub-zero temperature, sometimes hot you might get sick in addition to altitude sickness, this factor can be fatal,

You will need a guide that is experienced in Mount Kilimanjaro climbing and is familiar with the routes leading to the summit and down. Going alone, therefore, would not be a good idea.

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Solo Climb Kilimanjaro Expedition Team

You need to have a mountain guide to show you the way and provide the much-needed knowledge of the mountain’s surroundings and mobilize and organize other staff on the mountain. Porters, on the other hand, do the odd jobs on the mountain. They carry almost all the luggage, camping gear like the tents, chairs, tables which the job of the cooks is to prepare the energy-giving meals that you will need as you burn your calories while scaling the slopes of the mountain.

Advantages of Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Solo

When you climb solo, you will be in the company of at least 3 or more other people assisting you in your journey to the top, you will have a more tranquil climb as the porters usually rush ahead to set up camp. The route will be more tranquil and more peaceful.

Travelling solo also gives you the freedom of flexibility to customize your itinerary as much as you like because you are not facing any opposition as you would if you were in a group.

Solo climbing on Kilimanjaro also gives you the best opportunity to squeeze the most knowledge and skills for the guides without breaking a sweat.  It is only you with them so they are not escaping your attention meaning you will learn more about the local culture and socialize more with your crew.

You can climb at your own pace without worrying about being left behind by members of a group, remember it is better to keep a slow and steady pace while climbing, with no rush. Climbing slowly is also a way of avoiding altitude sickness too.

Disadvantages of Climbing Solo

However many advantages that come along with solo climbing, there also some few disadvantages. The downside of solo climbing is that you will feel alone, despite the fact that there will be guides and porters around you. It is not the same thing as having a friend or a colleague or even someone with the same purpose as you, a fellow climber to share experiences together and motivate yourselves.

Climbing solo on Mount Kilimanjaro can prove to be costly too because you are not sharing resources and costs with other climbers.  All the costs are centred around you, from food, to park fees to equipment and mountain labour, paying porters and guides.

How to Climb Kilimanjaro Solo

Tranquil Kilimanjaro offers solo trekking tours, all you have to do is choose a route and we will take care of the rest. You can also clarify what you desire and will come up with the perfect trip for you as a solo traveller. We can work together to come up with the perfect itinerary and the best assistance and expedition team for your climb.

Feel free to ask and we will be more than happy to assist you, concerning your diet, meals, restrictions, likes and dislikes and even your worries.

Whether you are overseas or within Tanzania, we will be ready to offer assistance concerning your valuable trip, email us, call us or chat with us to know more about mountain knowledge, safety procedures, altitude sickness or if you want to get to know more about us, contact us here.

We will send you the recommended gear list, what to wear, training programme and trekking equipment.

Cost to Solo Climb Kilimanjaro

You might be wondering, how much does it cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro alone/solo? Well, the costs of climbing solo will be determined by a few things like which route will you choose, how many people will be going on the climb with you in terms of porters and guides plus the cook/chef. All in all the cost will not be anything less than $1000 for trips taking 5 days. Longer and more scenic routes will cost more money.

What will the solo Mount Kilimanjaro adventure costs include in the prices? Well, the solo climbing prices will include some fees that are compulsory like Kilimanjaro park fees, staff fees that include porter fees, guide fees, chef /cook wages, your food shopping list. Just to give you an overview of how much it costs to pay the Kilimanjaro staff, around $10 for each porter per day, $20 for each guide per day and $20 for a cook/chef per day. Money for tipping is excluded from this cost, and it is a standard procedure and mandatory.

A Great Solo Adventure

Having a great solo adventure is achievable, you need to be open-minded and self-motivated to reach your goals of climbing and reaching to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Also, remember that to achieve a great solo Mount Kilimanjaro climb you can opt to either join a group climb or go on a private solo climbing adventure. The choice is yours. One thing stands though, you need to be fully prepared for this challenge, go through your packing list, train well and be mentally prepared. Last but not least, choose the best route that will work out for you, it is advisable to choose the longer route that will give you enough time to acclimatize and help in avoiding altitude sickness, unless you are an athlete attempting to smash the world records.

Your solo climb can also be combined with a solo safari or a solo Zanzibar beach holiday in Tanzania.

Great options you can choose on a private or solo climb

Kilimanjaro hotel

Upgraded hotels

Spice up your private tour with a little luxury before or after your Kilimanjaro adventure. We can help pick a lovely boutique hotel, that is fully equipped with offering beautiful rooms, fabulous food, and a great place to unwind and relax after your climb.

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Crater camp Private

Sleep in Crater Camp

Make your private climb unique by visiting the crater camp for overnight. Tour the crater rim and catch a glimpse of the sunrise on Kilimanjaro

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Private Porter Kilimanjaro

Personal porter

Normally you will be assigned porters, but for a more enjoyable and VIP climb, you can get an extra porter that will be like a personal assistant, helping you with your day pack and luggage while you stroll on the mountain.

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Safari and Kilimanjaro


You can combine your private climb to Mount Kilimanjaro with a safari to the most popular national parks in Tanzania like the Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro…

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Serengeti balloon safari

Balloon ride over the Serengeti

Imagine getting a birds-eye view of the Serengeti plains, and towering over the wildebeest migration along the Mara River, having a world-class breakfast and champagne to top it off.

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Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro

Relax on the beach in Zanzibar

You can choose to soak in the sun, on the pristine, white sandy beaches of the Zanzibar Islands as a way of rewarding your body after a challenging climb from Mount Kilimanjaro. Zanzibar beach is perfect for relaxation

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