There are many options for hotels before you climb Kilimanjaro when you arrive and after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro before you depart. Due to its nearness to Mount Kilimanjaro and to make sure you are on time for your climb, we recommend all our clients stay in Moshi and its vicinity just to avoid any inconveniences. You may also opt to stay in Arusha if it is a must since Arusha is about 2 hours away from Moshi town.

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We recommend you book bed and breakfast accommodation before your climb since you will be leaving early in the morning the next day for your Kilimanjaro adventure. In the case of descending from the mountain, if you will not be leaving the same day you can request a full board hotel booking or half board as each hotel has its own lunch and dinner menu. Moshi has many options for restaurants and cafe bars where you can get food whenever you feel like eating.

Recommended hotels in Moshi, Kilimanjaro

Where to stay before you climb Kilimanjaro

To climb Kilimanjaro, you will need at least one night before the actual climb. Moshi, the closest town to Kilimanjaro offers countless accommodation options. We recommend you enter Tanzania a day or a few days before you climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Here are the reasons why:-

  1. To get enough time to prepare for your climb
  2. To make sure there are no mishaps with your adventure
  3. To ensure you have all your gear
  4. To sleep off the jetlag and rest well before your trek

Where to stay after you descend from the mountain

Whether you are leaving the same day, the day after or you are jumping onto the next adventure like a safari addon, Zanzibar beach holiday or just a day trip around Moshi, you will need a place to stay, rest and refresh. We all know that once you come from the mountain, you will need a long shower and some time to catch a breath, grab a beer or just idle around before you jump on that plane back home or your next adventure. Below are some of the recommended accommodation options, before or after you climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


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