One of the most important things you need to do on a high altitude trek is to keep yourself well hydrated and eat as much as you can. Each day we will fill your water bottles with micro-filtered water and you can ask your guide for more water at any point during the day.

Until quite recently we used to run all our treks on a full board basis. This meant your accommodation at all the lodges included breakfast and dinner off the lodges “Full Board “menu and we bought lunch at a lodge along the way. As the lodges have become more and more sophisticated the menus they offer have developed so rather than just offering perhaps 5 items, nearly all of which would have been rice and lentil-based, you can now get a choice of maybe 40 or 50 meals ranging from the basic Dahl baht right up to Yak Steak with blue cheese sauce.

As this happened we found more and more clients wanted to eat off the “a la carte” menu rather than be restricted to the Full Board meal option. So at the beginning of 2011, we dropped meals from our lodge-based treks and adjusted our prices down to reflect this.

Basically now you can choose exactly what you want at the lodges and you settle your own bill each morning. Although you can eat very cheaply in all the lodges (and this option is what is generally included in “food inclusive” trips) we would recommend that you budget between $25 and $30 per day for your meals and drinks and a little bit more for the lodges on the Mera peak route. This will give you enough to have a good range of options and plenty of it. Please bear in mind that we try to use the better quality lodges and while these have better food and more choices this again can make them a little more expensive.

When you arrive at a lodge it is a good idea to get your order in early as meal times get very busy and it really is first ordered first served.

One of the benefits of eating off the menu is that almost every possible diet can be catered for so whether you are vegetarian, vegan or looking for a particular religious diet you will always find something suitable.
As well as cooked meals the lodges also serve an extensive range of hot and cold drinks and there are all sorts of snacks available including Pringles!

Please note that old or damaged US dollar notes are not accepted in Nepal.