Uganda’s Mountains lie in the shadow of the famous ranges of the Rwenzori Mountains located on the border of DRC Congo and Uganda. The Rwenzori Mountains are Uganda’s most well-known mountain range. The Kilembe Trail (Southern Circuit) and the Central Circuit are the two trekking paths that go to the Rwenzoris.

Six of Africa’s ten highest peaks are found in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains. Whereas Kilimanjaro attracts over 50,000 trekkers each year, Rwenzori attracts just about 1,000. Welcome to the headquarters of Africa’s clandestine conferences.

Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano on the Ugandan-Kenyan border that erupted more than 24 million years ago. Wagagai Summit (4,321m) is Africa’s eighth highest peak.

The Virunga Mountains include Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura, and Mount Sabyinyo. On the border of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda, this chain of volcanoes may be found.

The gem of Africa is truly blessed by nature, which includes gorgeous rivers, lakes, stunning landscapes, friendly people, mountain gorillas, national parks, and great original culture, as well as spectacular mountains. Mount Elgon in the east, Rwenzori Peak in the west, and mountain Moroto in the north are all part of this fascinating territory, which is encircled by both block and volcanic mountains on practically every side. Mt. Muhabura, Mountain Gahinga, Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Morungule, Mount Kadam, and other lesser mountains are among Uganda’s other important mountains.

The Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda

Peak Rwenzori is the third tallest mountain in Africa, reaching over 16700 feet above sea level on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is found in the Rift Valley in East Africa. The highest peaks of Mount Rwenzori reach beyond the sky and are constantly snowcapped, and its ranges are higher than those of the Alps, with glaciers said to be one of the origins of the Nile River, the world’s longest river. The highest peak in the range is Margherita Peak, which is also Africa’s third-highest; the two highest peaks in the Rwenzori are Mount Speke and Mount Baker. This mountain is truly a one-of-a-kind location, with lush biodiversities such as the Rwenzori Mountain National Park, waterfalls, glaciers, snowfields, and distinctive highland flora.

The park atop this mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it draws people from all over the world. Hiking/mountain climbing, nature hikes, culture, birdwatching, and a variety of other activities are available on this mountain.

Mount Elgon, Uganda

Mountain Elgon was named after the Elgonyi tribe, which resided in caves on the mountain’s south slope. It is located in the eastern part of the nation, near the Uganda-Kenya border. Mountain Elgon is an extinct volcano that erupted more than 24 million years ago and has the biggest surface area of any extinct volcano in the world. It is the fourth tallest mountain in East Africa and Uganda’s second-highest peak.

At the summit, this mountain features the biggest complete caldera with a collapsed crater measuring over 4 kilometers. Mubiyi, Masaba, Wagagai (the highest), Sudek, and Koitobos are among Mount Elgon’s summits. Mt. Elgon national park, diverse rivers on both sides of the mountain in Uganda and Kenya, culture and people, and the mountain’s slopes are littered with many magnificent waterfalls

Climb to the summit of Africa’s third highest peak, Margherita, or trek through the Elgon glaciers to see Wagagai, Uganda’s second tallest peak and home to the world’s biggest caldera, on excellent hiking safaris in Uganda.

Is there a mountain range in Uganda? There are various mountains in Uganda that provide animal watching, mountain climbing, and trekking options to visitors on Uganda adventure safaris. Uganda’s mountains include the following:

Kigezi Highlands

The Kigezi area is Uganda’s most hilly region, located on the western branch of the Great East Africa Rift Valley/Albertine Rift. The terraced fields of the Kigezi region’s highlands are what gives the region of Uganda its characteristic aspect. Kigezi is commonly referred to as Africa’s Switzerland.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in the highest regions of the Kigezi highlands, on the border of the western rift valley, and is home to about half (459) of the world’s population (1063) of mountain gorillas.

Virunga Volcanoes

The Virunga massifs of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are located on Uganda’s border with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, just a few kilometers south of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. They also have mountain gorillas and are an excellent place to do gorilla trekking, mountain climbing, and hiking in Uganda.

The Virunga volcanoes in Uganda are actually an extension of an eight-volcano chain that runs across Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda. The name “Virunga” comes from the Kinyarwanda word “ibirunga,” which means “volcanoes.” Except for Mount Nyiragongo and Mount Nyamulagira in the Democratic Republic of Congo, most of them are inactive.

Tallest Mountains In Uganda

Rank Tallest Mountains in Uganda Elevation
1 Mount Stanley 16,762 feet
2 Speke (Duwoni) 16,043 feet
3 Kiyanja 15,892 feet
4 Gessi 15,469 feet
5 Luigi di Savoia 15,180 feet
6 Portal Peak of Kihuma 14,406 feet
7 Elgon 14,177 feet
8 Muhabura 13,540 feet
9 Sabyinyo 11,923 feet
10 Gahinga 11,398 feet