If you are a vegan climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, be rest certain that you will successfully complete trek as there are very many options at the hotels and lodges, before and after you climb. Also, we do prepare a vegetarian diet while on the mountain.

Vegan food on Kilimanjaro

Special soup favorites include Vegetable soup and bread, Pumpkin soup, Cucumber soup, Leeks soup, as well as porridge. As for meals we have many options for energy-giving foods which include fried potatoes with vegetable sauce, Chips, Rice, fruits, and Bread (Normal and Toasted). All these are of course accompanied by fruits and sumptuous vegetables.

Vegan food on Mount Kilimanjaro

Our chefs/cooks can adhere to your strict dietary restrictions, for vegans, vegetarians and climbers that cannot use gluten and lactose. Feel free to tell us about your dietary restrictions before you climb Mount Kilimanjaro and we can come up with a nice vegan meal plan just for you.

We can prepare a special vegan meal plan for our clients climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Oldonyo Lengai,  Mount Meru in Tanzania, Mount Kenya in Kenya, and Mount Rwenzori in Uganda.

Vegan meals specifically for Mount Kilimanjaro should give you nutritional power and optimum athletic performance while entirely relying on a plant-based diet.

Let us work together to prepare a vegetarian diet just for you and specifically for your bodily needs on the mountain. Contact us here

Vegetarian Menu for Kilimanjaro

Day 1:

BREAKFAST: A full English breakfast will be provided at the hotel/lodge

LUNCH: Packed lunch from the hotel

DINNER: Vegetable soup with toast Spaghetti/Fried Potatoes/Vegetable sauce

Mixed salad/Fruits


Day 2:

BREAKFAST: Fresh fruits/Porridge/Toast with Jam, Honey, Butter

BEVERAGES: Tea/Coffee/Milo

LUNCH: Tomato-Sandwich/Bread/Biscuits/Fruits/Tea Coffee/Popcorn

DINNER: Fresh vegetable soup/Sandwich/Pancake Plain Chips/Eggplant



Day 3:

BREAKFAST: Fresh fruits/Porridge/Toast with Jam, Honey, Butter


LUNCH: Cucumber sandwich/Carrots/Biscuits/Cake/Fruits


DINNER: Vegetable soup/Mushroom soup with toast

Rice/Vegetable sauce

Green vegetables/Fruits

BEVERAGES: Tea/Coffee/Milo

Day 4:

BREAKFAST: Fresh fruits/Cornflakes/Toast with Jam, Honey, Butter Tea/Coffee/Milo

LUNCH:  HOT LUNCH — Plain chips/French toast/Fruits/Tea/Coffee/Milo

DINNER: Vegetable soup/Mushroom soup with toast

Macaroni/Vegetable sauce


BEVERAGES: Tea/Coffee/Milo

Day 5:

BREAKFAST: Mid-night light tea with biscuits


Orange Squash/Tomato sandwich or Spaghetti mixed with vegetable sauce /Vegetable Soup/ Tea/Coffee/popcorn/biscuits

DINNER: Vegetable soup with pancake

Rice mixed with vegetable/Vegetable sauce


BEVERAGES: Tea/Coffee/Milo

Day 6:

BREAKFAST: Fruits/Cornflakes/ Toast with Jam, Honey, Butter


LUNCH:  HOT LUNCH — Plain chips/Macaroni/Fruits/Tea/Coffee/Milo

DINNER: At the hotel

Vegetarian Menu for Mountain Kilimanjaro Climb with Tranquil Kilimanjaro.

What types of vegetarian dishes should we expect as vegans?

Many of our trekkers are vegetarian, and our cooks are well-versed in catering to this need. During the briefing session, you are welcome to meet with our cook to discuss and plan a meal that fits your needs.

Here are some sample dishes on the vegan menu:

  • Vegetable soup and bread
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Cucumber soup
  • Leeks soup
  • Vegetable Salad
  • Mushroom Vegetables
  • Fried potatoes with vegetable sauce
  • Chips
  • Rice
  • Fruits
  • Tea
  • Porridge
  • Fruits
  • Bread (Normal and Toasted)