The mess tent also known as the dining tent is another noticeable feature while camping on the mountain. it is larger than the sleeping tent, has more room, enough room for even the tallest climbers to stretch and have their meal comfortably as you share stories with your crew and colleagues.

mess tent inside

Inside the Mount Kilimanjaro mess tent

Inside the mess tent, you will find a table that is made of aluminum and is foldable and light for easy carrying by the porters. There is also an arrangement of chairs with arms which are of course foldable too. The headroom of the mess tent has a 2 meters (6.5 ft) clearance of the headroom.  Just like the sleeping tents, the mess tents are also waterproof meaning you can enjoy your meals even during the harsh alpine weather of the mountain

Camping Chairs & Tables

Mess tents which act as dining halls, come with foldable aluminium tables that are lightweight for porters to carry with ease. The tables are joined together to create one long dining table for placing meals on them. Also included in the mess tents for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbs are foldable camping chairs also made of aluminium for portability. Each climber is allocated a chair for camping on the mountain.

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MountainsMount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Mount Rwenzori, Mount Elgon, Mount Longonot, Oldonyo Lengai
mess tent inside
mess tent inside
Mount Kilimanjaro mess tent

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