This 3-day Dar es Salaam Saadani safari is perfect for travelers who want to experience Tanzania’s wildlife and nature, but have limited time. With a combination of game drives, boat safaris, and walking tours, you’ll get a taste of everything the park has to offer. Book your safari today and start planning your adventure in Tanzania.

Safari from Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest city and main commercial hub, but it is also home to some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders. Just a short drive from the bustling city lies the Saadani National Park, a unique protected area that combines coastal and savannah habitats. If you only have a few days to spare, a 3-day Dar es Salaam Saadani safari is the perfect way to experience the best of Tanzania’s wildlife and landscapes.

3 Days, 2 Nights Saadani National Park

This 3-day Southern Tanzania Safari trip begins and finishes in Dar es Salaam and goes in a 4WD safari vehicle to Saadani National Park, one of Tanzania’s lesser-known southern wildlife parks.

We leave the large city behind and travel to Saadani National Park, which is approximately two hours north of Dar es Salaam and on the coast of Tanga, and is a great site to combine beach relaxing with animal observation.

Saadani National Park contains 1100 km2 and is located in the ancient triangle of Bagamoyo, Pangani, and Zanzibar. It is Tanzania’s sole wildlife refuge on the coast. The afternoon is spent exploring Saadani in our four-wheel-drive safari vehicle with a pop-up top, finding animals and taking photos.

The park is home to several indigenous species, including the uncommon Liechtenstein’s hartebeest and the Roosevelt sable. The park also has the lush Wami River, which is ideal for boat cruises and seeing Hippos, Crocodiles, and marine birds.

We return to our lodge after an exhilarating day of animal viewing in Saadani, where we enjoy the sunset over the African wilderness. Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge, Tent With a View, The Roof of Saadani, Safari Mashariki Lodge, Kisampa Camp, and Oceanic Bay Hotel and Resort are among the Saadani accommodation alternatives.

We wake up early on day two for a full day of game viewing in Saadani National Park. We take a 2-hour boat ride on the Wami River, which runs through the Park’s southern section.

Birders are well-known for the river’s stunning array of birds, which includes Flamingos and Pelicans at the river’s mouth. Hippos and crocodiles relax in the lake or sleep on sandbanks. Large monitor lizards move through the undergrowth, and black and white Colobus Monkeys acrobatically act in the branches above.

We saw Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Giraffe, Buffalo, Warthog, Waterbuck, Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Kudu, Eland, Sable Antelope, Baboon, and Monkeys during the afternoon wildlife drive.

On day three, we awake amid the wild African forest and eat a big meal. Then we go on our final game drive and Boat Safari in Saadani National Park before leaving the park and returning to coastal Dar es Salaam, where our African trip began.

Saadani Boat Ride Safari

Saadani Boat Ride Safari offers a unique and exhilarating wildlife experience in the Saadani National Park, located in Tanzania. This safari adventure combines the thrill of exploring the park’s diverse landscapes and spotting its rich wildlife from the comfort of a boat, making it a truly remarkable and unforgettable journey.

Saadani National Park is exceptional as it is the only park in Tanzania that extends to the Indian Ocean, creating a fascinating ecosystem where land and sea meet. The boat ride safari takes you along the Wami River, which flows through the park and eventually meets the ocean. As you cruise along the river, you will have the opportunity to witness an array of wildlife species in their natural habitat.

The boat ride allows for up-close encounters with diverse wildlife, including hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of bird species that inhabit the riverbanks. You may also spot elephants, buffalos, antelopes, and other animals coming to the river to quench their thirst. The boat’s silent approach ensures minimal disruption to the animals, allowing for a more intimate and immersive experience with nature.

Aside from the abundant wildlife, the boat safari also presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Saadani National Park, where lush riverine forests, savannas, and pristine beaches blend seamlessly.


Dar es Salaam Airport - Saadani

Your safari adventure starts with a pick-up from your hotel in Dar es Salaam, followed by a scenic drive to Saadani National Park. Upon arrival, you’ll embark on a game drive through the park, spotting a variety of wildlife such as elephants, lions, buffalos, and giraffes. After lunch, take a boat safari along the Wami River where you’ll encounter hippos, crocodiles, and a range of bird species. Spend the night at your chosen accommodation within the park.

Breakfast (Lunch & dinner not included)

Drinks not included


Saadani National Park Game Drive

Start the day with an early morning game drive, watching the sunrise over the savannah as you search for more wildlife. After breakfast, enjoy a guided walking safari along the coastline, where you’ll see mangrove swamps, deserted beaches, and tidal pools. In the afternoon, relax on the beach or visit a nearby village to learn about the local culture and way of life. Spend another night at your accommodation in the park.


Saadani Boat Ride - Dar es Salaam

Our three-day safari in Saadani National Park comes to an end today. After a leisurely breakfast, you can choose between taking a boat ride down the River Wami, where you can spot crocodiles, hippos, flamingos, and other aquatic birds. As an alternative, you can take a guided nature walk with an armed park ranger to get a closer look at the park’s plants and animals.

The 3 days Saadani safari will come to a conclusion when you return for an early lunch at your lodging, are driven back to Dar es Salaam, and arrive there.

The cost for the whole 15 days Tanzania safari includes and excludes the following items

Tanzania Safari Price includes

Park fees

Game drives and activities

All accommodation

A professional driver/ safari guide

All transportation

All Taxes/VAT

Roundtrip airport transfer


Water / Coffee / Tea or Soft Drinks

Price Excludes

International flights

Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour

Tanzania Visa


Personal Expenses (e.g. laundry, telephone, beverages, etc.)

Meals not listed above

Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

Wildebeest migration crossing safari
Wildebeest migration crossing safari