A visit to the table like Mount Ololokwe will leave you mesmerised, not just from the towering table-like mountain, but also the surrounding environment composed of panoramic views, dramatic hills and beautiful landscapes at the forefront of the Mount Ololokwe backdrop in this magnificent land of the Samburu.

This mountain is not only a natural attraction among the Samburu land, it is also a pillar of major significance in the Samburu cultural heritage. As Samburu guides share their knowledge and make way to the top of this mountain, you will realise this mountain was once a sacred feature. It is also known as the sacred mountain.

Hiking Mt Ololokwe, Samburu – Kenya

Very early in the morning, you take a 30-minute drive from your point of accommodation/lodge to the base of Mount Ololokwe. Once you reach the foot-slopes of the mountain, your local Samburu guides and your Tranquil Kilimanjaro designated guide will walk you through the paths leading to the top of the mountain, teaching you about the wonders, flora and fauna of Mount Ololokwe. Midway through the hike, you will make a brief stop for a hearty breakfast comprising normally of eggs, bacon, fruit and pancakes or bread with tea or coffee for the much-needed energy boost to carry on with your hike. You will reach the top of the mountain just in time to marvel at the stunning scenery below and around the mountain.  After taking a while at the top you will have your lunch normally comprised of fresh pasta and salads in the shelter of a shade provided by the ancient Moran Cave of Mount Ololokwe.

One thing for sure, the beauty of Mount Ololokwe calls you from the highway that passes by. Hiking the mountain begins at dawn from your accommodation lodge or from Sabache Camp with the ultimate goal of reaching the summit at an altitude of  2000M above sea level. From the summit of Mt Ololokwe, the views underneath of Mathews ranges and the incredible Nkadoru Murto rock formations are unmatched so is the sunrise from this point.

Mount Olokwe Trail Conditions

The trail follows well-laid tracks made by elephant and cattle, with rock outcrops on sight and dotted with acacia shrubs. The total ascent is about 1000M.
The hiking difficulty of the mountain’s trail is rated moderate and takes a duration of about 3-4 hours. 

Activities at Mt Ololokwe

  • Trekking and camping
  • Meditation (personal preference)
  • Picnic

Departure & Return Location

Nairobi, Kenya

Departure Time

4.00 am

Itinerary for Hiking Ololokwe

Day 1

6.00 am Leave Nairobi for Ololokwe

1.30 pm Arrive at Ololokwe and get to familiarise ourselves

4.30 am Leave the camp for the 2 hour-trek

6 .00pm Return to camp for an evening tea and snack

6.30 pm Gather at the bonfire as we play cards and share our stories and other activities

7.00 pm Have Dinner

8.00 pm Bon firing through the night

Day 2

4.00 am Have a hearty breakfast

6.30 am Nature trail trek to the peak to catch the sunrise

11.30 pm Early lunch as we prepare to leave.

2.30 pm Leave Ololokwe for Nairobi City/Town

The cost for the one day hike to Mount Kenya includes and excludes the following items

Mount Kenya Day Hike Price includes

Transport to and from Kasigau

Conservancy fee.

Guide fee

All camping gear( 2 man tent shared, carry your sleeping bag )

4 meals; Lunch, Evening tea and snacks, Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch

Price Excludes

Bottled & Soft Drinks

Items and services of a personal nature

Tips & Gratuities


Can you see Kilimanjaro from Amboseli?

Yes, you can view Mount Kilimanjaro clearly at Amboseli National Park. Amboseli is situated on the South and South-East of Kenya, just like the Kilimanjaro Mountain which is at the border of Amboseli in Kenya and Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania.

What is Kilimanjaro famous for?

Mount Kilimanjaro is most famous for being the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Can you see Kilimanjaro from Kenya?

Yes, Though located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro can be best viewed from Kenya’s Amboseli national park or Loitoktok town which is located at the border of Kenya and Tanzania

Can you view Mount Kilimanjaro from the Serengeti?

No, Mount Kilimanjaro is not visible from the Serengeti National Park but you stand a better chance seeing it if you take a hot air balloon and use a telescope because Serengeti is 324 km away from Mount Kilimanjaro.

Can you see Kilimanjaro from Arusha?

Yes, from Arusha, Kilimanjaro is not very far away, if you stand on a high building or on top of Mount Meru you can Mount Kilimanjaro when the sky is clear.

Can you see Kilimanjaro from Moshi?

Yes, Mount Kilimanjaro is very visible everywhere around Moshi town. In fact, it is the first thing you notice when you enter Moshi as Moshi is the closest town to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Where is the best view of Kilimanjaro?

The answer to this can be arguable, to be honest. Most people claim that Amboseli National park in Kenya offers the best view while others say it is more beautiful from Moshi Town in  Tanzania.

Mount Ololokwe Hike
Mount Ololokwe Hike
Mount ololokwe Hike