Climb Mount Longonot in Kenya with Tranquil Kilimanjaro, a remarkable dormant volcano that overlooks the magnificent scenery of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha region, typifying the turbulent volcanic origins of the Great Rift Valley bottom.

Climbing Longonot, which rises to 2776 meters above sea level (and 750 meters above the surrounding terrain), provides hikers with an intriguing and inspirational day trip that culminates in one of Kenya’s greatest and most spectacular vistas! Longonot trek day trip is one of Kenya’s most popular activities, especially for the daring tourist.

Put on your hiking boots, bring some sunscreen, and head out to one of Kenya’s least frequented conservation parks to explore this volcanic mountain (reach the rim) when trekking Mt Longonot Kenya, which may involve a boat trip on Lake Naivasha.

Kenya’s national parks and reserves are wildlife-protected regions. Kenya is home to 54 national parks and reserves, as well as several private conservancies and sanctuaries. Kenya’s national parks are well-known for the classic Kenya safari, which is well-known across the world. It’s no surprise that Kenya is a favorite safari destination for international visitors.

The Kenya Wildlife Service manages Mt Longonot Park, which is a hiker’s dream.

The beautiful vista of Mt Longonot, only 60 kilometers out of Nairobi, calls you to the left as you drive up the upper escarpment route to Naivasha. With lava canyons on its steep slopes and a circular crater almost a kilometer in circumference, this giant dominates the surrounding terrain. It is a dormant volcano that last erupted in the mid-nineteenth century and stands 750 meters above the Great Rift Valley’s bottom and 2776 meters above sea level. A number of highway views have become popular rest stops for travelers enticed by the beauty of this spectacular vista.

It is home to a variety of wild creatures, the majority of which reside in the dense forest that covers the crater floor. It’s not a given that you’ll see them.

What to pack for a Mt Longonot hike

For this Longonot day trip, you should pack good hiking shoes, light clothing, drinking water, snacks, and a picnic lunch. This day walk may be combined with a safari in Kenya.

Drinking water, hiking shoes, light clothing, food, and a pair of trekking poles are all recommended for this Longonot walk day excursion.

How to Get There

Take Naivasha matatus (Taxis) from Nyamakima location off River Road if traveling by public transport from Nairobi. Take a matatu to Mai Mahiu and alight at Longonot Station once you get in Naivasha town. To the right, about 4 kilometers, lies the Longonot National Park Gate. From here, you may take a boda boda (motorbike taxi) to the Park Gate.
If you’re driving, the lower escarpment road to Naivasha, which is frequently used by trucks, is the quickest route. This route leads past the ancient Catholic Church, which is said to be Kenya’s smallest church, and was erected by Italian POWs during WWII. Before arriving at Longonot Station, you will pass through Mai Mahiu town.

Turn left immediately before the railway bridge in Longonot Centre and follow the marked dirt route parallel to the railway all the way to the Park Gate, which is about 4 kilometers from the turnoff.

Longonot activities include:

  • Biking
  • Game viewing
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Panoramic views of Lake Naivasha
  • Walking

Longonot Mountain is a dormant volcano that takes around 2 hours to hike to the crater rim and back to the park gate/park entry from the park gate. The trek around the crater rim in Kenya would take another two hours, bringing the total hike time to almost four hours. Before returning to Nairobi, you might wish to incorporate a trip to Naivasha for a sunset boat ride to observe hippos (also a day trip from Nairobi).

The path up the mountainside is very steep and can get slick at times. As a result, hikers must be relatively fit to participate in this trek.

The breathtaking views from the crater rim are, however, well worth the agony and effort. This day hike is quite challenging, including steep climbs and crater rim trekking. The terrain is very dusty, with loose gravel in certain spots. Make sure you’re getting enough water to stay hydrated.

The Mount Longonot Route Description

From the Park Gate to the rim of the crater and back, a trek on Mt Longonot takes around 2 hours. The climb takes roughly 2-4 hours round way for those traveling around the crater.

The first kilometer of this route brings you through a Campsite on the left, then across a flat region where gazelles graze. As you approach Buffalo Point, an area covered in dryland shrubs where you’re likely to see grazing herds of buffaloes, the trail becomes a short incline.

Soon after, you come to a very steep “concrete staircase” that seems to continue on forever. It ultimately levels off to a gazebo for resting and picnicking, which is a welcome relief. As you finish the second kilometer and begin the third and last kilometer to the crater rim, the track softly undulates for a short period. It soon becomes another steep slope, making many hikers wonder their sanity. You eventually reach the crater rim and exhale a sigh of relief as the magnificent vista of the crater unfolds beneath you.

The route leads to the right around the crater rim for the more experienced hikers. It softly undulates as you make your way up to the highest point.

It gets exceedingly steep as you approach closer to the peak, with portions that are essentially a stairway that forces you to work your way up with your hands. Soon, you’ll be at the summit, 5 kilometers from where you started at the Park Gate and approximately 650 meters higher.

The rest of the walk around the crater rim begins with a sharp fall from the peak, then gently rolls up and down to the gazebo where you first reached the crater rim, 9 kilometers into your trip. After a total distance of 12 kilometers and an elevation gain of 750 meters, it’s a rapid descent to the Park Gate.

The cost for the one day hike to Mount Longonot includes and excludes the following items

Mount Longonot Day Hike Price includes

Transport to and from Nairobi

Conservancy fee.

Guide fee

All camping gear( 2 man tent shared, carry your sleeping bag )

4 meals; Lunch, Evening tea and snacks, Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch

Price Excludes

Bottled & Soft Drinks

Items and services of a personal nature

Tips & Gratuities


What is the height of Mt Longonot, and how tall is it?

Longonot Mountain, a dormant volcano, rises to a height of 2,776 meters. Climbing Longonot day excursion reaches the top at 2,776m, and there is an alternative to trek around the rim of the crater, which is extremely demanding for strong and fit hikers.

Is it hard to climb Mount Longonot in Kenya?

This challenging day climb is not for the faint of heart, but with a high degree of fitness, reaching the crater’s peak should be no issue. The reward for reaching the crater’s rim is breathtaking views of the Great Rift Valley bottom, the neighboring fresh-water Lake Naivasha, and the surrounding surroundings.

How long does it take to climb Mount Longonot?

The issue is, how long does it take to climb or trek to the summit of Mount Longonot? It takes around 5 hours to complete this challenging trek to the rim and back.

When did Mt Longonot last erupt?

The Longonot massif is a stratovolcano that last erupted in 1863, according to legend. Mt Longonot last erupted in 1863, resulting in lava flows on the mountain’s northern slope.

Is Mt. Longonot still active?

Longonot is a dormant volcano in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, Africa, located southeast of Naivasha.

How much does it cost to climb Mount Longonot?

Round trip hike of Longonot Mountain price: $170 per person inclusive of park entrance fees. Remember to bring drinking water for use.

Mount Longonot climb, Kenya