Miriakamba Huts Elevation / Altitude: 2514 (meters above mean sea level)

The Miriakamba huts camp is the first camp you come across on your way to the top of Mount Meru’s summit.

Miriakamba Hut is one of the only two accommodation sites when climbing Mount Meru, the other campsite being the Saddle hut

Miriakamba Huts campsite Facilities

  • Miriakamba huts campsite is made up of lodges or houses that are subdivided into several rooms in the form of dormitory design.
  • Each Miriakamba lodge/room can accommodate up to 4 people at a go.
  • These rooms are not self-contained.
  • The campsite consists of a mess hall where the crew and climbers take their meals on Mount Meru.
  • There are separate houses set aside for guides and porters as well.
  • The other structure that stands out at the Miriakamba Huts Campsite is the ranger’s office.

The Miriakamba campsite is popular among Mount Meru climbers as it is the first camp you use on your first day to overnight on your 4 days climb to Mount Meru’s summit.

It is also used on the third day of descent when you go down Mount Meru on your way to the exit gate.

Miriakamba Huts Activities

Apart from hiking to the summit of Mount Meru, there are various activities to do while at this campsite such as bird watching safaris, watching wildlife, camping, taking photographs of the spectacular views, Miriakamba is also an amazing picnic site.

Best time to visit Miriakamba

Best time to visit Miriakamba Huts on Mount Meru is any time of the day apart from the rainy months of March to June.

Location of Miriakamba Huts campsite

Miriakamba huts are located on the slopes of mount Meru to the northeastern side, a few hours hike from the Momela gate.

Wildlife & Vegetation of Miriakamba Huts Campsite

This campsite is located on the montane forest zone of Mount Meru, Since it is also inside Arusha national park, the area is filled with plenty wild animals and insects.

How to get to the Miriakamba Huts

The Miriakamba huts campsite is accessible by vehicle up to a certain point. The rest of the way is best accessed by walking.

Momela gate of Mount Meru is best accessed by road/vehicle.

Additional information

RoutesMount Meru Climb
AmenitiesWater Closet (W.C Toilet), Pit Latrines, Huts
VegetationMontane Forest Vegetation

miriakamba huts camp
miriakamba huts camp