Saddle Huts Elevation / Altitude: 3566 (meters above mean sea level)

The saddle huts camp is located along the Momella Route, the only route serving climbers to Mount Meru’s summit. It is the second camp after Miriakamba and consists of lodges/houses that are subdivided into rooms constructed in dormitory-style.

Each room is capable of housing up to 4 people each. One of the structures on Saddle huts is a mess hall for taking meals on Mount Meru as well as porter and guides accommodation. None of these rooms are self-contained.

There is also a ranger’s office erected on this camp

Saddle huts camp is usually on the second night of summiting Mount Meru. Most itineraries for Mount Meru climbing that pass though here are usually 4 day climbs.

Saddle huts camp is usually used by hikers going up the Mountain as many choose to use other routes and campsite when descending, the Miriakamba huts to be specific.

Activities at Saddle huts camp on Mount Meru

At Saddle huts campsite you can choose a hike to little Meru which will act as an acclimatization trek. Being a resting camp on the mountain, this camp is best used to relax after a long day trek.

Other activities apart from hiking at Saddle huts campsite include bird watching, camping on the mountain, and photography as Mount Meru offers really amazing views of Arusha. Saddle huts can also be a great picnic site on Mount Meru.

picnics, photo opportunities.

Best time to visit Saddle huts Camp, Mount Meru

The best time to visit Mount Meru’s Saddle Huts campsite is any time of the year apart from the long rains months of March to June.

Location of Saddle Huts camp

As the name suggests, Saddle huts camp is sandwiched on a saddle in between little Meru and mount Meru’s main peak known as the Socialist peak.

This camp is located in the heath vegetation region of Mount Meru’s Northern slope right inside the Arusha national park,

How to get there

To reach Saddle huts, you have to trek/walk from Miriakamba huts, a hike that will take half a day of trekking.

Additional information

RoutesMount Meru Climb
AmenitiesWater Closet (W.C Toilet), Pit Latrines, Huts
VegetationMontane Forest Vegetation