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Rick Ross has high expectations for himself. Rozay confessed he has his sights set on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa during a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast.

I genuinely think that when I put my heart into something, I can do anything, he said. In fact, yesterday night while I was smoking, I was on my back patio admiring the plants, the landscaping, and the patio furniture while sitting beneath the trees and listening to the waterfall. And I set a goal for myself, and now I’m setting a challenge for you guys.

I’ve never stated it before, but I’m going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2024. You and I are just trying to get to the top.”

Rick Ross acknowledged that he hasn’t given it much thought yet, but he’s motivated to make it to the top.

He declared, “I’m the boss, I don’t look into anything. It’s not actually that huge, but I make up my mind. I had to finish it right away. And you need to understand that because I mentioned 2024. I’m thus preparing mentally for the remainder of this year, and then physically for the next year.

Who knows? he responded when asked how long it takes to reach the top. I’m estimating five to ten days, or something similar.

No rush; just give me 12 days. We are doing that. I’m unsure of the height, but I’d like to estimate that it’s about 5000 meters or something.

He also made light of the fact that he can’t travel alone since someone must transport his Wingstop meal. other singers that have attempted this milestone include Lupe Fiasco , Justine Timberlake and Ethiopian-born Pop singer Kenna.
Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest peak in Africa and the world’s highest single free-standing mountain above sea level, rising to a height of around 5,895 meters (19,341 ft) above sea level. The mountain can be climbed in five to nine days, according to the Climbing Kilimanjaro website.

Below, you can watch the complete episode of Rick Ross’ Full Send Podcast.


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