Is helicopter emergency evacuation available on Kilimanjaro?

There are a few firms that provide emergency helicopter evacuation services, although they may not be accessible at all times. Kilimanjaro SAR (Search And Rescue) has been the finest business since it is based in Moshi and can respond quickly; however, they have been temporally unavailable since 2020. AMREF is another well-known helicopter evacuation service. However, because AMREF is located in Nairobi, its helicopters might take a long time to reach Kilimanjaro. As a result, AMREF collaborated with SAR to provide quicker service.

While helicopter evacuation services have shown to be extremely essential and potentially life-saving, you should be aware that helicopters are not always available. Helicopters may be too busy with other emergencies or too far away to arrive on time; they can only land at designated helipads, so you’ll need to get to those landing points first; and helicopter evacuation service is not available at night or during inclement weather because it’s too dangerous for helicopters to fly and land. Finally, when arranging your climb and travel insurance, double-check that you’ll be insured for helicopter emergency evacuation.


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