What is best travel credit card? Chase or Amex?
The Amex Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve are both good, so it really depends on what benefits you want and will actually use. Amex has a higher annual fee but includes several statement credits. For example, you get a $240 annual credit for digital subscriptions. (Since I’m already paying for a bunch of streaming services anyway, that’s good for me.) Both cards will cover TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, but Amex also gives you a $189 credit for Clear. I believe Amex also has access to more airport lounges. Another difference is that if you want to add authorized users,
Amex offers either a Gold card with no additional annual fee or you can give them the Platinum card for an additional $175/yr. The Gold card for authorized users doesn’t have all the same perks as the Platinum, but they can still get the $100 PreCheck/Global Entry credit. So if you’re planning on adding authorized users, that’s more savings.
One of the benefits to Chase is that their $300 travel credit is less restrictive than Amex’s. They also offer higher reward points and more ways to earn and redeem points. Also, the Priority Pass lounge access membership with Chase is better bc it includes the Priority Pass restaurants. Amex doesn’t. Authorized users on the Chase card have an annual fee of $75, but that comes with lounge access. (Whereas your authorized users with Amex only get lounge access if you give them the Platinum card which costs $175 for up to 3 cards).
You really can’t go wrong with either one. Just comes down to what you value most. Some people choose to get both.
Capital One Venture cards are also good, especially for luxury travel.


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