What training do you recommend to prepare for my climb?

Then best training for Kilimanjaro is doing walking exercise on the hills to familiarize with high altitudes and build stamina. We recommend at least 7-8 hours of walking each day to prepare you for Mount Kilimanjaro.

Below are a few areas concerning training for mountaineering that you need to work on.

  • First is pure cardio. The higher you climb the mountain the thinner the air becomes meaning oxygen levels decrease. This makes your respiratory system strain. You will need to do a lot more cardio exercise to make it easier for your cardio system not to overwork.
  • Make an effort of working very hard for a brief period of time then rest in between the intervals.
  • Second is leg strength. Do not skip leg day. Your legs will be responsible for carrying your body and day pack. Leg workouts and squats will help relieve the strain that comes with mountain climbing.
  • Build your stamina. Try some exercises that will take longer and push you to the edge to build your stamina. This will prove to be helpful during summit night when you will need endurance for that last push to the peak. Some of stamina building exercise may include long walks on the hills or long cycling tours.
  • Stretch your body. Stretching will help you recover more quickly after your treks on the mountain. It also makes you flexible enough to avoid some injuries. Read more about training and download our recommended training plan.

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