Will I be covered for emergency helicopter evacuation on Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro SAR, a local helicopter evacuation service in Moshi, is available. SAR is a private firm that helps all climbers in need. Responsible operators will form cooperation with SAR so that emergency evacuations may be arranged swiftly if necessary. However, whether or not your guide is able to do so is dependent on the strength of the cell signal in your unique area. The top climbers also have radio or satellite phones with them to ensure continual and immediate connection.

While SAR will assist you if necessary, you are still liable for the costs of your evacuation, which can easily exceed $5,000. To avoid having to pay for these expenses, ensure sure your Kilimanjaro insurance covers emergency evacuations and high-altitude treks up to 6,000 meters. Even if you are insured, some insurance companies may need you to pay these fees out of pocket before receiving reimbursement, so verify with your insurance provider about the payment method.


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