How to charge your devices (phones, camera) for Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro charging device

Are there charging stations on Mount Kilimanjaro? No, on Kilimanjaro, there are no charging stations. We recommend charging your devices like mobile phones, cameras, drones, etc at your hotel in Moshi or Arusha town. Alternatively, you can bring along power banks 9portable chargers) to charge your devices, just make sure they are fully charged too. You are responsible for bringing chargers and ensuring that they are compatible. We recommend bringing additional batteries in addition to a charging device in case your charger fails. The cold is not good for batteries. Keep them in your pocket or wrapped in something. Warming them up might sometimes help them recover. Remember that generic batteries only last approximately half as long as name-brand batteries like Nikon or Canon.

A “tough” camera is more resistant to the environment and is generally freeze, drop, and waterproof.

Instead of a normal socket, some cameras now include a USB cable for charging. This simplifies everything. While on the Mountain, you may use a power bank or solar charger to charge both these types of cameras and your phone.

Charge your device at the hotel before climbing Kilimanjaro

There are sockets or outlets in each room at your lodge or hotel before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanian outlets are similar to those seen in the United Kingdom. They are most likely the British “Type G” BS-1363 variant. It might, however, be the Indian BS-546 5 amp “Type D.” However, this is a rare occurrence. They may have USB ports integrated into the outlets as well, but they don’t usually provide adequate power for charging. Since its inception, USB has seen three significant upgrades.

Tanzanian outlets provide between 220 and 240 volts. Electronics in the United States only require 110 to 120 volts. You can fry your gadget if you aren’t careful. But don’t worry; most laptops, mobile phones, and cameras are now engineered to work with many voltages. To be sure, consult your owner’s handbook or the internet for each of your gadgets.


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