Justin Timberlake and Lupe Fiasco to climb Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief
Justin Timberlake

They are considerably more appealing than Chris Moyles and Gary Barlow sweating it out for Comic Relief Justin Timberlake in their attempt to climb Africa’s highest mountain for charity.

Watch Justin Timberlake till Lupe Fiasco destroys his tent before you smile.

Singer Kenna will join rappers Justin Timberlake and Lupe Fiasco in mountain climbing. To bring attention to the clean water shortage, the trio will ascend Mount Kilimanjaro together.

Kenna, who was born in Ethiopia, was the one who came up with the idea. He told Elle magazine, “My dad almost perished as a youngster from watery infections.” “There are simply too many of my friends who would care about clean water. Perhaps I can assist.”

Naturally, reaching Africa’s highest peak is no easy feat. The six-day journey is frequently attempted by tourists, but because the Tanzanian summit is so high (19,330 feet), altitude sickness is a real danger. The singer’s first effort to climb Kilimanjaro was unsuccessful because 5,547 meters (18,200 feet) into the ascent, he discovered an allergy to the medicine he was using to treat altitude sickness. He was fortunate, though, since approximately 10 climbers perish on Kilimanjaro each year.

The project is not being treated lightly by Timberlake. He told GQ, “I’ve been working out four times a week to increase my VO2 [oxygen consumption] levels and open up my lungs.” “We’ll climb nonstop for a week while toting 30 pounds. It will be quite intense.”

Due of Timberlake’s commitment, Kenna has had to train “in secret”. Because Justin is far more physically fit than I am, I won’t work out with him, Kenna stated.

Meanwhile, Lupe Fiasco has a different set of priorities. “Beating Kenna to the top is part of the incentive,” he added. sabotaging his tent, removing the lining from his coat, or doing something similar.

The ascent is planned during this fall.


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