Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania resumes flights
Kilimanjaro International Airport
The first KLM flight since the Corona Outbreak landed at the Kilimanjaro International Airport on 4th of August 2020 a few months after halting operations due to the unfortunate circumstances caused by the Corona Virus (COVID 19) pandemic. Flights had been suspended in Tanzania since March 2020 but Tanzania has since opened its airspace.There way joy and happiness as Kilimanjaro International Airport welcomed back the KLM flight, receiving a water salute and a warm welcome from various government leaders and tourism stakeholders after a 5-month absence.The flight was carrying various visitors and tourists, eager to visit Tanzania again after a long emergency break. The landing of the Dutch airline comes shortly after Tanzania was declared Corona-free and it is a big boost to tourism in Tanzania. Tourism forms a huge part of the economy’s backbone if not the largest. Kilimanjaro International Airport has in the past enjoyed great traffic of tourists but the return of KLM flights after a long break gives tourism a major boost and new hope amid the pandemic.

Tanzania opened its air space on 18th, May 2020, and Ethiopian Airlines was the first airline to fly in tourists on June 1 followed by Qatar Airways on June 16, 2020.

 The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has announced that normality will resume and more airlines are expected to resume scheduled flights to major international airports within the country including the  Julius Nyerere International Airport and the Kilimanjaro International Airport. Among other airlines expected to resume include Emirates Airline, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Rwandair, Kenya Airways among others. 


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