Marangu Gate Elevation / Altitude: 1970 meters

The Marangu gate is an access point into Mount Kilimanjaro as it marks the beginning of the popular Marangu route trail. Unlike the Machame gate, which is an ascent-only gate, the Marangu gate is also used to exit Mount Kilimanjaro on descent via the Marangu and Rongai routes.

The Marangu gate is the largest and has got to be one of the busiest entry points on Mount Kilimanjaro as the Marangu route is probably the most popular hiking trail used by climbers.

Marangu Gate Facilities

Some of the facilities found at the Marangu gate area include different kinds of shops like souvenir shops, small restaurants, consumer shops, and even some travel offices.

The Marangu gate also boasts the largest number of park authority and administrative offices that serve tourists, and mountain climbers going in and out of the mountain with all the official paperwork and registration.

Marangu gate registration and inspection procedures may include:-

  • Passport / Visa verification
  • Cross-checking itinerary for every day spent on Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Cross-checking to prove if your mountain guide belongs to a registered tour company
  • Make sure you have enough resources to support your climb and stay on the mountain such as porters, tents, food, and water
  • Verification of Mount Kilimanjaro entry fees

Failure to which entry may be denied.

The Marangu gate also acts as the meeting point for the guides, porters, and mountain climbers alike before beginning their journey up Mount Kilimanjaro.

There is a secure and ample car parking space at the gate area.

N.B:  There are shops at the Machame Gate for the climbers who have forgotten or misplaced their mountain gear/equipment.

The Marangu gate has a dusty road that can be accessed using vehicles right up to the first campsite en route to Mount Kilimanjaro summit. This campsite that you encounter right after entry from the Marangu gate is the Mandara huts camp.

This road is usually used to ferry supplies to the park as well as evacuate people at times of emergencies.

Marangu gate

Other features at Marangu gate

There is a waterfall located inside the Marangu gate area with a plunge pool that can be used for swimming and relaxing, located approximately half an hour away, not far away from the gate.

Location of Marangu gate

The Marangu gate is located in the Marangu district to the south-eastern side of the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, at the foot slopes of the mountain.

Distance of Marangu gate from Moshi Town

The Marangu gate is located about one hour drive away from Moshi town and approximately two hours from Kilimanjaro International Airport; The tarmac road with no traffic to Marangu gate from Moshi town provides beautiful views of the rural scenery that the Kilimanjaro region provides.

Marangu gate Vegetation Zone

Since all the gates leading to Mount Kilimanjaro are located at the base and foothills of the mountain, the Marangu gate is located at the edge of the Montane forest zone of Mount Kilimanjaro, surrounded by plenty of trees.

The environment is clean and filled with fresh air that gives this area a sense of calmness and tranquillity as the wind here blows gently, bringing with them sounds of monkeys and birds singing on top of the evergreen trees. Marangu gate area receives plenty of rainfall hence the evergreen environment.

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Marangu gate
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