Besides the main Kilimanjaro national Park gate where park fees are paid, every route has to begin at a gate where climbers assemble. The Mount Kilimanjaro gates act as the meeting point where you are required to sign in at the Park office, verify your information and make meet with your guides and crew to make climbing preparations. It is at the gate where you will see the porters are busy packing their equipment, food, and water together with cooking utensils and cooking gas. You should also take advantage of this moment at the gate to verify that you have packed your equipment, gear and useful things inside your daypack or backpack in order. There are different gates used for both ascending and descending the mountain according to the routes chosen by climbers namely: Lemosho gate, Londorosi gate, Machame gate, Marangu gate, Mweka gate, Rongai Gate, Umbwe gate for mount Kilimanjaro and the Momella gate for Mount Meru

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