Umbwe gate Elevation / Altitude: 1800 meters

Umbwe gate is the access point and gateway to Mount Kilimanjaro via the Umbwe Route.

Umbwe Route is exclusively used by climbers to ascend or go up the mountain only as the return journey follows a different route and uses the Mweka gate to descend and exit Mount Kilimanjaro.

Umbwe Route itself is a low-traffic route, hence the Umbwe get is usually not active, which is why it is so small in size.

Umbwe Gate Facilities

All the facilities at Umbwe Gate and the gate itself are relatively small in size. The park authorities’ office is even smaller but still plays its part as the administration block quite well.

There is a small hotel located near the gate, with a few small shops in the area. You are advised not to depend on the small shops for purchasing important things, as you might not find them here. It is better to shop in Moshi town before coming here.

The roads leading to the Umbwe gate are pretty basic but well maintained. They do not have tarmac on them though.

The gate acts as the first registration point to Mount Kilimanjaro via the Umbwe route.

Umbwe gate registration and inspection procedures may include:-

  • Passport / Visa verification
  • Cross-checking itinerary for every day spent on Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Cross-checking to prove if your mountain guide belongs to a registered tour company
  • Making sure you have enough resources to support your climb and stay on the mountain such as porters, tents, food, and water
  • Verification of Mount Kilimanjaro entry fees

Failure to which entry may be denied.

Location of Umbwe gate

The Umbwe gate is located on the remote and rural side of Umbwe, on Mount Kilimanjaro’s southern foot slopes. The Umbwe area has a very low population of people and houses most of which are built next to small farms, giving the impression that the inhabitants of Umbwe are mostly farmers.

Umbwe gateUmbwe gate vegetation Zone on Mount Kilimanjaro

The location of gate lies inside the rainforest zone of Mount Kilimanjaro, just about a hundred meters ( 328 ft.) from the edge of the forest.

The next campsite after Umbwe gate is the Umbwe cave camp , which is the first campsite along the Umbwe route of Mount Kilimanjaro

umbwe gate
umbwe gate
Umbwe gate