Ngongongare Gate Elevation / Altitude: 1400 meters

Ngongongare gate is situated on the southeastern border of Arusha National Park, near the mini Serengeti field. Accessible from Arusha or Moshi, passengers can take passenger buses to Momella, a small town north of the park, or use private, rental, or tour vehicles, taking about 20 minutes from the Arusha-Moshi highway.

Ngongongare Gate serves as a vital entry point into Arusha National Park, s where, visitors can obtain permits for park entry and find essential facilities such as TANAPA offices, toilets, information displays, a café, and a souvenir shop. This administrative checkpoint ensures that visitors are well-equipped and informed before embarking on their adventure within the park.

What to Do There?

At Ngongongare Gate, visitors can gather comprehensive information about the park, including fees, permits, maps, locations, and available activities. TANAPA offices facilitate the payment process, primarily through recognized electronic debit or credit cards. Additionally, visitors can arrange for the assistance of rangers or guides to accompany them during their exploration of the park’s diverse attractions.

Best Time to Visit

Ngongongare Gate welcomes visitors throughout the year, offering opportunities to experience Arusha National Park’s beauty and wildlife regardless of the season.

Location and How to Get There

A little distance inside the south-eastern boundary of Arusha national park is where you can find the Ngongongare gate. This gate is positioned a significant distance away from the rainforest that is distinctive of the park. The little Serengeti is something that can be found just a few minutes to the north. It is a small pasture where animals graze in the morning. From the cities of Arusha or Moshi, travelers can access Ngongongare Gate via passenger buses that pass through the park, though they typically do not make stops within the park itself. Alternatively, visitors can opt for private, rental, or tour vehicles, with the journey from the Arusha-Moshi highway taking approximately 20 minutes.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

Ngongongare Gate’s strategic location provides easy access to various attractions within Arusha National Park and its surroundings. Just a short distance north of the gate lies the mini Serengeti, where animals graze in the mornings, offering visitors a glimpse of wildlife in their natural habitat. Visitors can refer to maps or inquire at the gate for recommendations on other nearby attractions worth exploring.

Ngongongare Gate serves as more than just an entry point; it’s the beginning of an unforgettable journey into the natural wonders of Arusha National Park. Whether seeking adventure, wildlife encounters, or simply a tranquil retreat into nature, this gateway provides the resources and support needed for an enriching experience in one of Tanzania’s most beloved national parks.

Momella gate, Mount meru
Momella gate, Mount meru