The Kilimanjaro national park rule dictates that for one to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you must pay the park fees for Kilimanjaro, you must have a mountain guide, choose a designated route and a safe one at least, and you must use a licensed tour operator, this is where tranquil Kilimanjaro comes in.  Normally climbs are done by groups ranging from 15 climbers or less, it could also be two people or even solo climbers but they must be accompanied by a mountain expeditions crew that includes, porters, guides and their assistants, and of course cooks/chefs.

Each climber is assigned a number of porters, atleast 2 or t3 or even more. The porters work is to assist in carrying the essential items and mountain equipment like portable/private toilets, sleeping tents, tables, and mess tents.

I know you are wondering what Kilimanjaro national park says about age limit and what other rules are on the mountain.

What is the minimum age limit for Mount Kilimanjaro can a child climb?

The minimum age for a child to climb Kilimanjaro is 10 years. Kids of  ten years and above are allowed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and many children have in fact climbed the mountain but with adult supervision of course.

Can old people climb Mount Kilimanjaro, is there a maximum age limit for climbing the Mountain?

There is not maximum age limit for climbing mount Kilimanjaro, however it is recommended that for people above 60 years should undergo a full medical check up and follow their doctors directives. Very many senior citizens or older people have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro successfully over the years, many in their 60s, 70s even 80s. The record for the oldest Mount Kilimanjaro climber to reach the summit was an 89 year old lady.

Kilimanjaro National Park Regulations

  1. Climb slowly and sturdy, do not overwork your heart and lungs. Make use of etra acclimatization time to increase you summit success rate and chance.
  2. Take your time on the mountain, learn more about it and enjoy the scenic beauty that Mount Kilimanjaro offers.
  3. Follow the guidelines, advise and directives from the guides, they are familiar with the surroundings of the mountains and its conditions, their purpose is to assist you at all times.
  4. Leave the park the way you found it, make it cleaner and greener and don’t touch anything, dead or alive..
  5. If you find your self in a problematic situation please turn back using the same route that you and your team/group used climbing, to get help.
  6. If you are experiencing breathing or pulmonary problems, it is better to quit, follow the advise of your guide.
  7. Walk in groups and do not abandon your guide, also follow the pre determined routes, do not find your own way especially in the forest, you might get lost.
  8. Do not throw rubbish on the mountain, pick or collect it for later disposal off the mountain.
  9. Do not light fire anyhow also be careful with lit cigarettes and cigarette butts.
  10. Go through the park regulations and be careful to a fault. The park regulations will help you avoid unnecessary faults.
  11. Follow the acclimatization rule, do not climb rapidly from low altitude to elevations above 10,000 feet  (3,000 meters)above sea level as it will help in avoiding altitude sickness, and prevent pulmonary oedema.
  12. To avoid altitude sickness, pick longer routes that take a duration of more that 5 days, they will give you enough time to acclimatize.
  13. Do not go above 13,00 feet (3,900 meters) if you have a cold. or related symptoms
  14. When a rescue is required in your group, report immediately, to your guide or send a note to the Kilimanjaro Parks Gate or ranger’s post.

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