These safari options from Zanzibar are perfect for travelers with limited time or those who wish to combine a beach holiday with a taste of Tanzania’s wildlife. The day trips and short safaris offer a chance to witness diverse landscapes and encounter fascinating animals without the need for long drives or overnight stays in the bush. Tranquil Kilimanjaro organizes pre-booked as well as last-minute safari deals for travellers coming from Zanzibar for a safari in mainland Tanzania.

Keep in mind that while these safaris offer fantastic wildlife experiences, they may not be as extensive as the longer safaris on the mainland. If you have more time and are looking for a more immersive wildlife adventure, you might consider combining a longer safari on the mainland with your Zanzibar beach holiday.

Whichever option you choose, combining the idyllic beaches of Zanzibar with the excitement of a safari is an unforgettable way to experience the best of Tanzania’s natural wonders.

Safaris from Zanzibar

4 days Safari from Zanzibar

4 Days Tanzania Safari from Zanzibar

Starting the 4 days Tanzania safari from Zanzibar offers a unique opportunity to combine the idyllic island experience with the
5 days Tanzania safari from Zanzibar

5 Days Tanzania Safari from Zanzibar

Embark on an unforgettable 5-day Tanzania safari starting from the tropical paradise of Zanzibar. This carefully crafted journey combines the

Embarking on a wildlife safari in mainland Tanzania, particularly on the Northern Circuit, is an incredible adventure that allows you to witness some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes. If you’re starting your journey from Zanzibar, you can easily access the Northern Circuit via short flights to the mainland’s major safari hubs.

The Northern Circuit is renowned for its diverse wildlife, stunning national parks, and the opportunity to witness the Great Migration of wildebeest and other animals in the Serengeti. Here’s a glimpse of the remarkable destinations you can explore on this safari circuit:

  1. Serengeti National Park: Famous for the Great Migration, Serengeti is one of Africa’s most celebrated national parks. Witnessing thousands of wildebeest, zebras, and other animals crossing the vast plains in search of greener pastures is a breathtaking spectacle. The park is also home to the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros) and offers superb game viewing year-round.
  2. Ngorongoro Crater: This natural wonder is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera. Its enclosed ecosystem is teeming with wildlife, and you can expect to see an abundance of animals, including lions, elephants, hippos, and the rare black rhino, all within the crater’s walls.
  3. Tarangire National Park: Known for its massive elephant herds and iconic baobab trees, Tarangire offers an authentic and less crowded safari experience. The park’s diverse landscape and rich wildlife make it a rewarding destination for game drives.
  4. Lake Manyara National Park: Nestled at the base of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara is famous for its tree-climbing lions and flamingo-filled alkaline lake. The park is compact but offers a great diversity of flora and fauna.

To start your Northern Circuit safari from Zanzibar, you’ll typically take a short flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) or Arusha Airport (ARK). From there, you’ll meet your safari guide and venture into the wilderness for an unforgettable wildlife experience. Depending on the length of your safari, you’ll explore multiple parks, spot incredible wildlife, and stay at comfortable lodges or tented camps.

Keep in mind that the best time to visit the Northern Circuit is during the dry season, from June to October, when wildlife congregates around water sources, making for excellent game viewing opportunities. However, other months also offer unique experiences, such as witnessing the Great Migration calving season from December to March in the Southern Serengeti.

A wildlife safari on the Northern Circuit starting from Zanzibar is a fantastic way to combine the beauty of Zanzibar’s beaches with the excitement of exploring Tanzania’s incredible wilderness and encountering its diverse wildlife.

How to get to Tanzania from Zanzibar for safari

To get to mainland Tanzania from Zanzibar for your safari adventure, you have two main transportation options:

  1. Domestic Flights: The most convenient and efficient way to travel from Zanzibar to mainland Tanzania is by taking a domestic flight. There are regular flights connecting Zanzibar to major cities like Arusha, Dar es Salaam, and Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). These cities serve as gateways to popular safari destinations such as Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, and Manyara National Park.There are several airlines that operate flights from Zanzibar to mainland Tanzania. Some of the major airlines that offer this route include:
    • Precision Air: Precision Air is a Tanzanian airline that operates regular flights between Zanzibar and various destinations on mainland Tanzania, including Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Kilimanjaro International Airport.
    • Coastal Aviation: Coastal Aviation is a regional airline that provides scheduled flights from Zanzibar to various safari destinations in northern Tanzania, such as Serengeti National Park, Manyara, and Ngorongoro Crater.
    • ZanAir: ZanAir is a domestic airline based in Zanzibar, offering daily flights between Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and other locations within Tanzania.
    • Auric Air: Auric Air is another domestic airline that operates flights between Zanzibar and different safari destinations in Tanzania.

    Please note that flight schedules and availability may vary, so it’s essential to check with the respective airlines or a trusted travel agent to find the most suitable flight options for your safari trip. Additionally, it’s advisable to book your flights in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred travel dates and times.

  2. Ferry: If you prefer a more budget-friendly option and have time to spare, you can take a ferry from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, which is the largest city in Tanzania. The ferry ride usually takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the schedule and sea conditions. Once in Dar es Salaam, you can arrange a connecting ground transfer or take a domestic flight to your desired safari destination.

Regardless of the transportation method you choose, it’s essential to plan your itinerary in advance and book your flights or ferry tickets early, especially during peak travel seasons. If you’re organizing your safari through a reputable tour operator, they can assist you with travel arrangements and ensure a smooth transition from Zanzibar to your safari adventure on mainland Tanzania.

Safari Tips for Tourists starting from Zanzibar

If you’re planning to embark on a safari starting from Zanzibar, here are some essential tips to make your adventure smooth and enjoyable:

  1. Choose a Reputable Safari Operator: Research and select a reliable safari operator with a good track record. Read reviews and testimonials to ensure they offer quality services and prioritize safety and conservation.
  2. Plan in Advance: Safaris can be in high demand, especially during peak seasons. It’s advisable to book your safari well in advance to secure the best accommodations and tour options.
  3. Consider Flight Times: Take into account the flight times between Zanzibar and the mainland safari destinations. Ensure that the flight schedules align with your safari itinerary to avoid any delays or missed activities.
  4. Pack Appropriately: Pack comfortable and breathable clothing suitable for both warm days and cool evenings. Neutral-colored clothing is recommended for game drives to blend in with the surroundings. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, and a good pair of binoculars.
  5. Bring a Camera: Safaris offer incredible photo opportunities, so don’t forget to bring a good camera with extra batteries and memory cards to capture those special moments.
  6. Follow the Guide’s Instructions: During the safari, listen carefully to your guide’s instructions for your safety and the well-being of the wildlife. Keep a safe distance from animals and avoid any sudden movements that may startle them.
  7. Be Patient and Observant: Wildlife sightings are not guaranteed, and patience is key during safaris. Stay alert and observant, as animals may appear at any moment.
  8. Respect Wildlife and Nature: Remember that you are a guest in the animals’ natural habitat. Respect their space and refrain from littering or disturbing the environment in any way.
  9. Enjoy Zanzibar’s Attractions: Before or after your safari, take some time to explore the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Relax on its pristine beaches, visit historic Stone Town, and indulge in local cuisine and culture.
  10. Check Visa and Vaccination Requirements: Ensure you have the necessary visas and vaccinations for both Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. Check with your local embassy or consulate for up-to-date requirements.
  11. Stay Hydrated: Safaris can be physically demanding, so stay hydrated throughout your journey, especially during game drives.
  12. Keep an Open Mind: Safaris are unpredictable, and every day brings new surprises. Embrace the adventure and be open to experiencing the beauty of nature in its rawest form.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared for an unforgettable safari starting from the idyllic island of Zanzibar, where you’ll have the opportunity to witness Africa’s incredible wildlife and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Why start a  safari from Zanzibar?

  1. Island Paradise to Wildlife Adventure: Zanzibar is renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture. By combining a beach holiday in Zanzibar with a wildlife safari on mainland Tanzania, travelers get the best of both worlds – a relaxing island getaway followed by an exciting wildlife adventure.
  2. Convenience: Zanzibar is well-connected with regular flights to various safari destinations in mainland Tanzania, such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Manyara. This makes it convenient for travelers to seamlessly transition from the beach to the savannah without the need for long overland journeys.
  3. Diverse Experiences: Tanzania offers an incredible array of wildlife experiences, from witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti to exploring the diverse landscapes of Ngorongoro Crater. By starting the safari from Zanzibar, travelers can experience both the marine wonders of the Indian Ocean and the iconic wildlife of the mainland in one trip.
  4. Time Efficiency: For travelers with limited time, starting the safari from Zanzibar can be a time-efficient option. Since Zanzibar is just a short flight away from the main safari destinations, visitors can make the most of their vacation time and enjoy a varied and fulfilling experience.
  5. Relaxation and Rejuvenation: After the excitement of a safari, returning to the tranquil beaches of Zanzibar allows travelers to unwind, relax, and reflect on their wildlife encounters.
  6. Unique Cultural Experience: Zanzibar’s rich history and culture, influenced by African, Arab, and European traditions, provide a unique cultural experience that complements the wildlife encounters on the mainland.
  7. Perfect for Honeymooners: The combination of a safari and beach holiday is an ideal choice for honeymooners, offering a romantic and adventurous journey filled with diverse experiences.

In summary, starting a safari from Zanzibar offers a seamless and enriching travel experience, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in both the natural beauty of the island and the abundant wildlife of mainland Tanzania. It’s an excellent way to create unforgettable memories and discover the best that Tanzania has to offer.