“Save me,” Shriya Shah-Klorfine’s last words on Everest
Shriya Shah-Klorfine Save me Everest

“Save me,” are the last words spoken by a woman from Toronto who passed away after reaching the peak of Mount Everest, according to a close friend of the patient.
During the descent from the peak on Saturday, Shriya Shah-Klorfine, a resident of Toronto, was one of the four people who passed away due to what are being characterized as overcrowding conditions.

According to Shellyann Siddoo, who is one of her closest friends, her family is currently attempting to figure out a way to get her body back to Canada. Even though South Col is the highest camp on Everest, the body of Shah-Klorfine is still hidden there.

“I just learned this morning that her last words were’save me,’ as she was taking her last breath,” Siddoo said in an interview with CBC’s Metro Morning on Tuesday. “I learned this information this morning.” Prior to taking her own life, Shah-Klorfine had a conversation with her Sherpa guide.

To tell you the truth, it has crushed my heart. Since Saturday, I wasn’t able to consume anything. I have just let forth a tear. I have suffered the loss of both my friend and my sister.

A spokesperson of the Nepali Ministry of Tourism stated that on Saturday, powerful winds struck the slope, resulting in the deaths of two Chinese climbers: Shah-Klorfine, who was 33 years old, and Wang-yi Fa, who was 55 years old. There has been no sign of Fa’s Nepalese Sherpa guide.

An official from Nepalese mountaineering, Gyanendra Shrestha, stated that Shah-Klorfine and Fa were thought to have suffered from weariness and altitude sickness.

A climber from South Korea named Song Won-bin and a German physician named Eberhard Schaaf, who was 61 years old, were the two other people that passed away.

Last photo of Shriya Shah-Klorfine
Last photo of Shriya Shah-Klorfine on Everest

A Dream to be Cherished Forever

Having been born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Shah-Klorfine spent her childhood in Mumbai, India. After that, she relocated to Canada to live with her husband and to launch an import company called SOS Splash of Style Inc. with him. As a member of the Paramount Canadians Party, Shah-Klorfine ran for the seat of Mississauga East-Cooksville in the 2018 Ontario election. He was a contender for the seat.

According to Siddoo, “It was her lifelong dream” to succeed in climbing to the top of the highest peak in the globe. When Shah-Klorfine was nine years old, she and her parents had taken a helicopter to Everest, and ever since then, she had been obsessed with conquering the peak. She said that she always wanted to climb Everest.

Shah-Klorfine’s first journey to the peak, which is 8,850 meters high, required Almost one hundred thousand dollars. Her godfather, Bikram Lamba, stated that she took out a mortgage on her home to pay for the expedition.

While carrying a twenty-kilogram bag, she walked up and down hills around her house, which was close to Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue. Siddoo said her routine consisted of karate, rock climbing, and cardiovascular exercise. She established her own regimen in cooperation with the members of her expedition team in Nepal.

According to Siddoo, her team in Nepal informed her that she ought to be able to complete all of her pre-training and cardio exercises in advance. Upon her arrival, the crew informed her that they “will teach you all you need to know,” as she has stated.

“You will be doing [an] 18-day trek up to base camp, and when you reach the base camp, we will teach you how to use the ladders and everything like that.”

To make the most of a limited window of favorable weather during an otherwise challenging climbing season, an estimated 150 climbers attempted to reach the summit on Friday and Saturday. For several days, a large number of people had been waiting at a staging camp for the opportunity to go up to the peak.

There was a traffic gridlock on the mountain during Saturday. As late as 2:30 in the afternoon, climbers were still making their way to the peak, which is a somewhat risky activity, according to Shrestha.

It is best practice for climbers to avoid reaching the peak after 11 a.m. The region above the last camp at South Col is sometimes referred to as the “death zone” due to the steep icy slope, hazardous circumstances, and low oxygen level.

Body removed from Mount Everest by helicopter.

According to a spokesperson for Utmost Adventure Trekking, the body of Shah-Klorfine has been transported by helicopter from Mount Everest to her family in Kathmandu, which is the capital of Nepal.
According to Ganesh Thakuri, a group of climbers were successful in bringing the remains of a woman from Toronto down from an altitude that was more than 8,000 meters above sea level to a camp that was within the range of a helicopter rescue on Monday. However, unfortunate weather conditions prevented the body from being taken off the summit immediately.

The 33-year-old earlier mentioned that conquering Everest was a dream that he had held for a very long time.

Thakuri had commented that Shah-Klorfine had ascended for close to seventeen hours by the time she arrived at the peak at two o’clock in the afternoon.

He stated that the descent was made much more difficult by the windy and cold weather.

The Sherpas reported that she had lost her stamina and was experiencing difficulties due to the high altitude. “Everything came together when they were falling, and she collapsed,” Thakuri recalled.

Additionally, on that day, a German physician named Eberhard Schaaf, who was 62 years old, a Chinese climber named Wang-yi Fa, who was 55 years old, and a South Korean mountaineer named Song Won-bin, who was 44 years old, all passed away on the peak.

Body of Shriya Shah-Klorfine Darren Klorfine, the climber’s brother-in-law, expressed his concern over the “negative reaction” that the family had received to their efforts to retrieve his sister-in-law despite their best efforts.

This year, he stated that further bodies had been found and collected. It is my understanding that when there is a body in a recoverable region, the Sherpas who took the climber there have some obligation to bring him down. This is something that I have learned.

According to some estimates, the cost of the rescue attempt may reach as much as $50,000. His sister-in-law had basic repatriation insurance, which should help pay the expense of the return to the United States.

According to Mr. Klorfine, the government has not been requested to make a contribution toward the project of repatriation.

An excursion to Mount Everest was Ms. Shah-Klorfine’s first time climbing the mountain. In what has been an extraordinarily busy climbing season, this month saw hundreds of climbers and several more Canadians on the mountain. The climbing season has been exceptionally busy.

The day that Ms. Shah-Klorfine passed away, Tamae Watanabe, a Japanese woman who was 73 years old, became the oldest woman to reach the peak of the mountain. She surpassed her own age record, which she had set ten years earlier.


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