This 4-day Monduli Juu trek comprises of a few days of trekking in Maasai land. You will get a chance to mingle with the Maasai and learn more about their culture, way of life and get a feel of the surrounding environment, its natural beauty and splendour.  Monduli may not be so popular but it plays host to some of the popular hills and mountains in Tanzania. The Monduli region lies to the North of Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border.

Be ready to spot a few wild animals like giraffes, zebras and plenty of bird species as you breathe in the fresh air that comes with its natural environment. The Monduli region is characterized by amazing landscapes: grassland plains, rift valley, lush rainforest, the Monduli hills and Mountains like the Ol Donyo Lengai.

4 Days Monduli Juu, Tanzania Trek

Tour Highlights:

  • Experience Cultural immersion as you interact with the Maasai.
  • Learn the Maasai way of life and some Maa language
  • Experience the scenic beauty of the natural Monduli environment.
  • make stories around the bush campfire as you chat the night away
  • Enjoy the star gaze at night from the sky above Monduli Juu
  • Take nature walks on paths leading to hills and valleys
  • Wildlife and bird watching

The Monduli Mountains are a safe destination for hiking, walking and trekking that is home to many species of wildlife and birds.

About Monduli Juu

Located approximately  50km to the Western Side of  Arusha Town, Monduli Juu is an administrative ward within the entire Monduli district of the Arusha Region in Tanzania, the Southernmost country in the East African region. Monduli Juu in its entirety stretches from Esilalei to Engaruka, Lolkisale, Longido, Makuyuni, Mto was Mbu, Tinga Tinga up to Namanga on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

Monduli Juu comprises of 4 traditional Maasai Villages along the Monduli mountains to the northwestern side of Arusha town. Those four villages are the Emairete, Enguiki, Eluwai and Mfereji villages. The Emairete village of Monduli Juu is held sacred by the native Maasai people and it lies along a volcanic crater.

Activities at Monduli Juu ( Upper Monduli)

Monduli Maasai Roasting meatEmairete village, located about 9km from Monduli town plays the role of being the base camp for trekking activities at Monduli Juu and its mountains as it is where most of these activities begin because you will find many campsites and spaces here.

There are plenty of activities that can be done at Monduli Juu and apart from trekking, you can as well visit the nearby villages for cultural tours, visit traditional doctors, see a Maasai school or eat roasted meat that has been grilled the Maasai way in a bush orpul (Maasai camp where men go to eat meat). Sightseeing tours are another activity that attracts tourists to Monduli where they go to get a splendid view of the Rift valley plains along the escarpment.

Monduli Juu Village Sunday Market

The Monduli Juu Village Market also known as the Red Market is open only on Sundays. It is situated and held along the road that heads to the Serengeti National Park. Every given Sunday all roads and paths from the neighbouring villages lead to the market with buyers and sellers being made up of the Maasai people, usually dressed in Red Maasai blankets (Shukas). most of them barter trade amongst themselves while some use money in the form of the Tanzanian currency. Here at the market, you will find domestic animals like goats, sheep and even cows at display and ready for sale. Other commodities sold here include soap, vegetables, grains and cooking oil. Things at display at the market may seem like a stage-managed for tourists but to the locals, this is their way of life and a way of earning an honest living for traders. Goat auctions take place on the football/soccer field with a normal occurrence of the presence of donkeys being lead by women carrying bags of rice, cereals etc. The mo0de of transport mainly used by the Maasai coming from far away distances like Arusha town and the neighbouring small towns like Kisongo is the use of public minibuses commonly known as “Dala Dala” in Tanzania.

Accommodation: Accommodation at Monduli Juu is mainly camping at campsites although the Maasai are very welcoming and accommodating in their Maasai Bomas. We do recommend that you bring your own camping equipment and sleeping bags from Arusha or Moshi.


Moshi or Arusha to Monduli Juu

We leave Moshi or Arusha shortly after breakfast and begin our drive to Monduli Juu via the road that heads from Arusha/Moshi to Serengeti national park. it is an interesting drive from Moshi or Arusha to Kisongo to Monduli Town then eventually our intended destination, Monduli Juu.

From past Kisongo to Monduli Juu you will pass by tradition Maasai villages, dotted around the open field and made up of clustered Maasai traditional mud style houses called Manyattas. The Maasai people are always welcoming and ready to share their preserved culture with you. It is a perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals, learn about their culture, food, dressing and way of life. if you are lucky enough you might learn more about the traditional Maasai doctors, midwife and participate in traditional Maasai dances, a special Maasai Jumping dance known as “Adumu”. You will learn a thing or two about how traditional medicine is identified, collected and prepared. Feel at home while you experience the Maasai way of life and if luck is on your side, you will experience the night Maasai boma tour and take part in the Maasai traditional singing and dance around the on fire. In the afternoon we’ll set up camp at the nearby campsite called Osero where we will have our meals and spend overnight after dinner and campfire stories. Prepare yourself for the next day where will set off for a trek at the Monduli Mountain or a short day trek within the environs.

Day 2

Monduli Juu to Naramatu

Early in the morning after breakfast, we set off for our day hike or a short hike as per your preference. After breaking up camp we head for the Mountains of Monduli Juu.

The full day hike takes a duration of about 8-hours with the trail measuring 18km as you hike up towards the eastern peak of Monduli Mountains. The surroundings on the trail are stunning but the trail itself might be a bit challenging, but worth it nevertheless. As you traverse through throny scrubs, maasai cattle in search of pasture, rainforest vegetation and ridges you will come across many species of insects, birds and you will spot some wildlife like zebras and bushbuck.

The shorter or half-day hike on the other other hand has a more gradual slope, is more gentle and you will spend a maximum of about 3 good hours on the trail that measures a mere 9 km. Just like the longer hike, this shorter one is equally fascinating, offering stunning vistas as you proceed.

The half-day or shorter variation of the Monduli Juu trek is suitable for photographers who are more interested in the beauty of the surroundings that the actual trekking experience itself. After a sumptuous dinner at Namaratu Campsite in Mondili Juu, you will rest and spend the night as you prepare for the next day of your trekking experience.

Day 3

Naramatu to Jackson Campsite

Day 3 is the whole package of your trek, be prepared to take on a whole 17km hike! We embark on our trek shortly after early morning breakfast after breaking camp at Namaratu campsite which lies along the famous and great rift valley. Stunning views of the Great Rift valley, Mount Meru and the gigantic, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro await you on this scenic trail. Dinner and overnight at the Jackson Campsite

Day 4

Jackson Campsite to Moshi or Arusha

Today’s the last day of your 4 days Monduli Juu trek in Tanzania. The main agenda of the day is to return to our intended location, Arusha or Moshi Town. After a hearty breakfast soak in the sunrise as you enjoy the natural music coming from the birds at Monduli Juu’s environs. Drive to Arusha or Moshi afterwards marking the end of your 4-day trek in Monduli, Tanzania.

The cost for the whole 4 Days Monduli Juu trekking trip includes and excludes the following items

4 Days Monduli Price includes


Camping fees & equipment.

Village fees

Guide fees

Professional English speaking guide

3 breakfasts; 4 lunches; 3 dinners

1.5l water per day; tea and coffee with meals

Price Excludes

Bottled & Soft Drinks

International flights

Travel insurance

Sleeping bag

Visa and passport fees

Items and services of a personal nature

Tips & Gratuities


The following is on offer to visitors:
Monduli Juu’s lush green landscape offers plenty of half-day and full-day tours for tourists. As you explore this destination you will come across many plant species and vegetation, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the medicinal value of the plant-lifeand how traditional Maasai medicine men use them. One great place to visit a traditional medical doctor is at Naramatu which also happens to be a workshop used by Maasai women to create beautiful jewellery that is authentic to the Maasai people.

While you learn more about the culture of the people that live around and within Monduli Juu, the Maasai, you get to try out their food, roast meat, popularly known as “Nyama Choma” as you marvel at the panoramic views of the Rift Valley, Lake natron and the Mountain next to it, the Ol Donyo Lengai.

Half-day Trekking to Monduli

1. The ‘Kona Saba’ escarpment climb

Your trek will begin from Mfereji Village of Monduli Juu towards the peak of the Monduli Mountain as you traverse the savannah land after taking a cultural tour stop at a Maasai Boma along the way. Once you reach on top of the Monduli Mountain you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Rift Valley escarpment below.

2. The ever-green rainforest tour

This half-day tour begins from Enguiki Village with a hike towards the Peak on the Eastern side of the Monduli Mountains. You will pass different type of vegetation, water sources, animals and birdlife.

Full day trek

Medicinal herbs tour

The full-day Monduli Juu hike begins at Emairete dam as you traverse the Maasai church, a Maasai school for primary school kids and nursery school leading to Naramatu.

There are many amazing viewpoints the higher you go, but on your way there it would be wise to make a brief stop at the Maasai boma for a traditional Maasai lunch and a visit to a traditional Maasai herbal doctor.