Hiking Chyulu hills

Caves and Hiking on Chyulu Hills

The stooping Chyulu Hills on the border of the Amboseli plains and the
Hiking the Elephant Hill, Aberdares

Elephant Hill, Aberdares Hike

The Aberdares slopes are also a key supply of vegetables for Nairobi grocery
Hells Gate Hike

Hell’s Gate Day Trip

The Hell's Gate National Park, located 110 kilometers from Nairobi on the shores

Jeevanjee Gardens

Jeevanjee Gardens is an outdoor area in Nairobi's Central Business District that is
Karura forest hikes

Karura Caves & Waterfalls

A visit to Karura Caves & Waterfalls makes you marvel at how much

Loita Hills Hiking, Maji Moto

The Maji Moto hot springs, not to be confused with the Kikuletwa Hotsprings

Mau Mau Caves, Mt Kenya Hike

The Mau Mau Caves, located in the slopes of Mount Kenya, lead to
Mount Longonot climb, Kenya

Mount Longonot Day Hiking

Climb Mount Longonot in Kenya with Tranquil Kilimanjaro, a remarkable dormant volcano that
Hiking Mount Kenya Day Trip

Naromoru – Mount Kenya Day Hike

Yes, you may go for a day walk up Mt Kenya and return
Hiking the Ndoto Mountains

Ndoto Mountains, Aldera Hill

For anyone courageous enough to survive the long off-road, hot, dusty trip through

Nguruman Escarpment Hike

The road from Nairobi to the Nguruman Escarpment passes through the rolling green
Ol Donyo orok Hike

Ol Donyo Orok, Enkamuka Peak

According to local guides, Enkamuka peak, the second highest on Ol Donyo Orok,