How cold does it get on Kilimanjaro?

At the summit of the mountain it could get to sub zero temperatures ranging from -7°up to -29°c

But if you mean Kilimanjaro as an area, it may reach temperatures of 21°C to 33°C on any given weekday…

On chilly days, temperatures in regions like Tarakea, Kibosho Machame, and Marangu can reach 15°c -21°c…

The area around Moshi town and Uru, Old Moshi, Kibosho road area, and Hai town (Bomangombe) is a little warmer during the day and comparably not that chilly at night… Temperatures range from 21°C to 33°C.

On the Leeward side of the mountain, it’s the same… It doesn’t get much rain, and the land is a little dry…with temperatures ranging from 15°C at night to 33°C on a perfect day…

You may still rely on Tanzania’s Metreological Service local forecast for accuracy.


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