Is it safe for a mildly asthmatic 40-year old to attempt reaching the peak of Mountain Kilimanjaro?

We would suggest that you first consult with your doctor and seek his or her professional advice.

With that considered, and having led tours on 21 climbs with a total of +400 customers, some of whom had minor health difficulties, We’d say yes – maybe.

We’ve successfully led mild asthmatic clients all the way to the top, even though they were fatigued (everyone gets tired), and they were well within acceptable limits.

The important thing was that We were notified ahead of time, that the customers were completely transparent about their medical issues, and that I had a more stringent monitoring strategy in place.
(We took vital signs every morning and evening, as well as random O2 saturation measurements throughout the day.)

Also, given that your doctor has given you the go light, We highly advise you to take one of the longer excursions for greater acclimatization, rather than relying on your budget.

PS: We’ve also had people with moderate asthmatic issues, as well as others, compelled to turn around (strong healthy clients)

There is no such thing as a guarantee for summiting anything, including Kilimanjaro; one must be willing to face the mountain within themselves.


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