How do I book a private toilet tent for my Kilimanjaro climb?

All luxury and higher-end Mount Kilimanjaro packages come with a private bathroom tent by default. It may be readily added to Budget and Economy packages for an additional cost of about US$150. This includes the cost of renting your tent and toilet unit, as well as cleaning supplies and the services of a completely dedicated toilet porter. When shared among a group of three to four individuals, the cost per climber per day is under US$5 — a very reasonable and highly recommended investment! Throughout your climb, your toilet porter will carry, set up, and clean the toilet for you, ensuring that you always have one at camp.

While it may seem strange to hire someone to carry and clean your toilet, do so. Your toilet porter will be grateful for the job chance as well as the gratuity. Simply mention it when scheduling your climb if you’d like it included in your package.


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