Is it worthwhile to have a portable mountain shower for my Kilimanjaro climb?

Whether or not you should bring a portable mountain shower on your Kilimanjaro climb is a personal decision. Most climbers don’t require it, but those that do wouldn’t want to be without it. If you’ve never gone camping for many nights in a row, the prospect of going a week without showering may be terrifying. Most climbers, on the other hand, will discover that it isn’t quite as unpleasant as they think. Overcoming this apprehension is all part of the unique personal growth experience that makes climbing Kilimanjaro so rewarding. In retrospect, you’ll probably be proud of yourself for going a week without showering.

Despite the fact that mountain shower operators generally supply warm water, you may find it too chilly to remove your clothing and shower. Climbers who reserve a portable mountain shower and wash tent, on the other hand, are more likely to make use of it. They like the convenience and flexibility of being able to shower on days when it isn’t too cold, and are glad they chose a trip that includes a warm mountain shower.


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