Is it worthwhile to have a walk-in tent and cot for my Kilimanjaro climb?

If you want greater comfort, upgrading to a walk-in tent and sleeping cot for your Kilimanjaro trek may be beneficial. For some folks, crawling in and out of normal-sized tents for Kilimanjaro numerous times a day might get tiresome. It’s possible that the area will feel cramped, with little room to layout your gear or change, especially if it’s shared by two climbers. A bigger tent will give you more area to walk about and will seem roomier. Larger tents, on the other hand, will seem cooler since they do not trap as much heat. It’s a personal preference whether you like sleeping on a cot or the basic foam sleeping mats used on the mountain.

For some individuals, cots are more pleasant to sleep on since they are softer and resemble a traditional frame bed. Others, on the other hand, may find beds less comfortable than sleeping closer to the ground, where they may easily lay their arms or legs on the floor if they need more room.


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