What is the difference between the Kilimanjaro routes?

Mount Kilimanjaro routes differ in so many ways. They offer so much variety in terms of days spent, cost, length of the route, traffic even scenery and sometimes style of accommodation used on the mountain.

  • The shorter routes have low summit success rates, for example, the Marangu route and Umbwe route which take about 5 days to complete.
  • The popular Machame and Rongai routes take about 6-7 days for each route, the offer longer variations too and the report a better summit success rate.
  • The longer routes which also happen to be more scenic are the Lemosho route and newly introduced Northern Circuit routes which take a considerably long duration of 8 or 9 days respectively.

Where the route begins from is also not the same for each route, Marangu and Umbwe Routes begin from the south heading directly to the summit Rongai begins form the north proceeding to the northern slopes of Kilimanjaro to the summit. The rest of the routes have their starting point setting from the western side of the mountain, this side offers amazing vistas and stunning scenery.

For more information and comparison of all the Mount Kilimanjaro routes, read more.


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