First Quadriplegic Woman to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Chaeli Mycroft, a wheelchair user and co-founder of The Chaeli Campaign, began her adventure to climb Kilimanjaro on August 27, 2015, hoping to become the first female quadriplegic to do it.

The climb’s purpose is to collect money for the Inclusive Education Program of The Chaeli Campaign and The Chaeli Cottage Inclusive Preschool and Enrichment Center.

On September 3rd, a satellite phone SMS sent historic information. It announced, “We made it!” indicating that Chaeli Mycroft, the first female quadriplegic, and six other South African climbers had successfully ascended the formidable Mount Kilimanjaro.

Any fit climber who decides to attempt Mount Kilimanjaro faces a formidable struggle due to the persistent risk of altitude sickness, subfreezing temperatures, and the strenuous physical effort of the summit. Mycroft is a really inspirational person for being able to accomplish this while using a specially made “mountain wheelchair.”

A website that presented a real-time description of the difficulties and high points encountered by the team was used to follow the team’s progress during the walk. We simply couldn’t take our eyes off the tiny red dots on the tracking map on the morning of Chaeli’s ascent, according to her mother Zelda Microft.

Chaeli made the ascent for a worthwhile cause as if climbing to the top of this tough mountain weren’t itself an accomplishment.

She made the decision to climb the highest peak in Africa in order to raise money for the Chaeli Cottage Inclusive Pre-School and Enrichment Center and the Inclusive Education Program of The Chaeli Campaign.

Chaeli’s desire to demonstrate to the world the value of cooperation was a further impetus for her decision to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. In doing so, Chaeli aimed to demonstrate that everyone can overcome their obstacles, including physical handicap, in order to realize their objectives. This includes achieving even the most seemingly unattainable goals.

You may learn more about Chaeli and The Chaeli Campaign, a nonprofit with the mission of helping kids with disabilities, by visiting this page.

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