How much does it cost to climb Mount Kenya?
Mount Kenya cost

The cost or price of climbing Mount Kenya is affected by a variety of variables, including the number of climbers in your group and the days required to climb which is also determined by the route you choose, including park fees and facilitation costs. The travel agency you select and the time of year you ascend the mountain are further considerations.

On Mount Kenya, there are many hiking routes, which means there are various alternatives and costs. The price of ascending the mountain need to include park and administrative costs. Typically, a good price is $200 per day, per person.

There are many alternatives and costs because there are several designated trekking trails on Mount Kenya. Mt. Kenya may be climbed in as short as 4 days, although it can also be traversed over 6 days. No matter which path you take, spending 4 to 5 days on the mountain might cost between 600 and 700 EUR or 700 and 800 USD. For instance, you should budget around 975 EUR or 1080 USD if you want to do the Burguret – Chogoria Traverse.

What determines the price of climbing Mount Kenya?

It should be an enjoyable and affordable adventure to hike Mount Kenya. For those who seek this experience, tranquil Kilimanjaro provides packages ranging from inexpensive hikes to opulent treks.

Prior to making travel arrangements to Mount Kenya, it’s crucial to pick a package you can afford. Here are a few elements that affect how much it will cost to climb Mount Kenya. They consist of;

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Days Spent on the Mountain

The price of climbing Mount Kenya might vary depending on how many days you want to stay there. The cost will be less if you schedule fewer days than if you schedule more days.

Making a decision on the number of days before you begin trekking is crucial for this reason. Mt. Kenya may be climbed in as short as 4 days, although it can also be traversed over 6 days. Make sure you get a pricing breakdown quotation.

Making a decision on the number of days you may spend trekking will be simple in this manner.

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Number of climbers in a group

You may be asked for party size information when booking some Mt. Kenya trips. These will be useful in determining how much money to budget for hiking.

In some packages, a larger group may pay less than a smaller one. You can choose to split the fee as a group for that reason.

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The route that you choose

On Mount Kenya, there are eight primary hiking routes. It is up to you to pick a path that will benefit you. Other paths must be taken both when climbing and when descending.

Whichever option you take, the price ranges from 500 to 700 EUR or 500 to 800 USD.

For instance, you should budget around 975 EUR or 1080 USD if you want to do the Burguret – Chogoria Traverse.

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Time of the year

Additionally, you should be aware that the cost of climbing Mount Kenya varies depending on the season. Peak seasons of the year have variable hiking fees.

Make sure you are aware of peak and off-peak seasons before arranging your vacation. In this manner, you may simply schedule your visit for when the costs are reasonable.

Peak seasons might vary depending on the weather at the time. Therefore, be careful to pick a time when the weather and temperatures are appropriate for you to ascend the mountain.

The entire year round, one may climb Mount Kenya. However, if you want the ideal weather, you should book a trip between January and March or between June and October.

Even though it can be difficult to anticipate the weather on the mountain and any season can occur at any time of day, if you stick to the ideal times of year, you can get the greatest deal on your package.

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The gear that you’ll need

You must prepare your kit before climbing Mount Kenya. Some of this kit is hiking-specific, like boots, gloves, a cap, toiletries, and more.

Some programs take care to account for the quantity of equipment you’ll need to purchase.

Select a bundle that includes all of the gear you’ll need for hiking.

Depending on how much equipment you need, the price may be expensive. Others may want to forgo the equipment expenses and come unaccompanied.

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Trekking Agency you go with

You may need to select a firm to provide you with a package when trekking Mount Kenya. Different businesses will provide various bundles.

You must investigate several travel agencies and contrast their prices. Which trekking company with the fairest fees will be considered?

A professional guide, lodging for the nights spent trekking, transportation to and from Nairobi, food, and the price of the park permit are typically included in certain corporate packages.

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Mountain Guides/Porters

You will often require a guide and porter to help you climb the peak. Your tour guide’s fee is included in the price of climbing the mountain.

After the journey, you might need to give your tour guide a gratuity. Make sure you have some cash with you in case you need to tip someone off. Additionally, it is a good approach to acknowledge their efforts.

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Travel Insurance

No matter how well-prepared you are, trekking Mount Kenya has certain hazards. We advise purchasing travel insurance that includes up to 6,000 meters of altitude coverage.

Some insurance providers provide coverage for high-altitude hiking. In this manner, you may be certain that you will receive support in the event of

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Mount Kenya National Park Entrance Fees

To know more about the entry fees for entering Mount Kenya National Park, click here. These fees are important to know as they reflect on the whole price and sum up to give your the total cost of climbing Mount Kenya.



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