If you are wondering how much it costs to climb Mount Meru, then here is the breakdown of what to expect to pay on your trip. Please note, these prices are for climbers wishing to plan the whole climb by themselves, otherwise, contact us here for a free quote.  The increase generally costs approximately 800-1200 USD per person, according to online sources! Traveling to Moshi and Arusha and bargaining (we’ve heard down to approximately 500 USD in the low seasons (with tip)) will get you a better deal. Still, if you want to save money, take public transportation and carry and prepare your own meals for the journey. This can keep your expenditures per person to around 20-30 USD, excluding park fees.

Park fees:

Arusha National Park offers two tariffs: one for citizens of East African countries, and one for everyone else.

If you aren’t an East African citizen you have to expect to pay the following .

Entry fees per person per day: 

Age above 15 = 35 USD     (45 USD)

Age 5-15 = 10 USD             (15 USD)

Age under 5 = Free              (Free)


Guiding fees per day per group (service of official guide outside normal working hours):

15 USD      (15 USD)


Accommodation fees per person per night:

Hut = 20 USD     (30 USD)


Rescue fee per person per trip:

20 USD     (20 USD)


For a 4 day climb of Mt. Meru, an adult traveling alone would expect to pay until 01.07.13:

35 USD x 4 days + 15 USD x 4 days + 20 USD x 3 nights + 20 USD = 280 USD.

A group of two adults would pay a total of 500 USD.


From 01.07.13 until 30.06.2015 expect to pay:

45 USD x 4 days + 15 USD x 4 days + 30 USD x 3 nights + 20 USD = 350 USD.

A group of two adults would pay a total of 640 USD.

Note that you may be put into a group with others, but still share a ranger you have paid full price for. To avoid this, attempt to gather a large group and share costs before paying the fees.

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