Kilimanjaro Marathon 2022
Kilimanjaro Marathon 2022

This years’ Kilimanjaro marathon 22 event in Moshi is nothing short of fanfare. It has been a tough period since the pandemic, even tougher for tour operators and the world at large. Like light at the end of the tunnel, we will be celebrating once again, life coming back to normality with the 2022 Kilimanjaro marathon event that will take place in the Kilimanjaro region.

The Kilimanjaro Region

At 5 895 meters, this is Africa’s tallest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain, located south of the equator in Tanzania (as it is not part of a mountain range). Huge permanent glaciers run down from the peak, and the mountain’s sheer size dominates the surrounding landscape. Kili, as she is lovingly known in Africa, is one of the spectacles that everyone should see at least once in their lives.



Where will the Kili Marathon Happen?

The Kili Marathon 2022 race will take place in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region with the race starting off and ending in Moshi’s MoCU Stadium Grounds.

When is the Kilimanjaro Marathon 2022?

The Kilimanjaro Marathon will take place on 27th, February 2022 in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Marathon, Moshi, TanzaniaEVENT INFORMATION (KILI MARATHON) – 27th February 2022

Full Marathon – 42.2km – 06h45 – The race will begin and end in Moshi’s MoCU Stadium Grounds.
All runners must prominently display their race bib on their front (not back). Your race number has a chip that records your official time, so do not fold it. Your race number will be pinned with pins provided by us. You are only allowed to cross the finish line and enter the tunnel part once; if you do it again, your results will be deleted.

Half Marathon 21.1km – 07h00 – The half marathon will begin at MoCu’s Sokoine Road Gate and end at MoCU Stadium in Moshi.
All runners must prominently display their race bib on their front (not back). Your race number has a chip that records your official time, so do not fold it. Your race number will be pinned with pins provided by us. You are only allowed to cross the finish line and enter the tunnel part once; if you do it again, your results will be erased.

5km Fun Run – 07h15 – The race will begin at the lower stands of MoCU Stadium, on Uru Road, and finish in the stadium.

FINISH – The end of all the events will be at the MoCU Stadium.

CUT OFF TIME – Final cut-off for both the full and half marathon races is at 12h30.

Participant Categories
While categories may be listed in the results, there may not be any acknowledgment or awards awarded on race day for the categories listed above.

Entry Conditions and Rules

Marathon (42.2km)

The competition is open to persons 20 years and above.
The first 850 participants will be awarded medals.

Half Marathon (21.1 km)

The competition is open to persons of 18 years and above.
The first 5500 participants will be awarded medals.

Fun Run (5km)

The competition is open to persons of 10 years and over.  Anyone under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult.
Unfortunately, there are no prizes or medals available.

The marathon and half-marathon competitions will be held under the supervision of Athletics Tanzania, with IAAF standards governing the event.

  • All traffic officials must be obeyed.
  •  The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry.
  • The entry fee is non-refundable
  • Display your race number on the front of your vest throughout the race.
  • No advertising or branding on athletes will be allowed, other than the official race bib, and athletes may run in their official club colours.
  • Race Numbers are not transferable
  • Obey the race marshals at all times.
  • Officials from the various races are the final arbiters in any disagreement.
  • No mobile seconding or driving alongside runners will be allowed.
  • Water points providing water will be provided at regular intervals on the route.
  • Unless race officials tell you differently, run on the right side of the road.
  • Please put all litter in the bins provided at water points.


We have agents distributed all around Tanzania. Please indicate on your entry form where you would want your race number picked up; without it, you will be unable to participate in the event: Among the possibilities are:


  • Sat 19 and Sun 20 Feb 2022
  • 12 noon – 6pm (12h00 – 18h00)
  • Venue: Mlimani City Mall (in front of Samaki Samaki)


  • Tue, 22 and Wed 23 Feb 2022
  • 2pm – 7pm (14h00 – 19h00)
  • Venue: Kibo Palace Hotel


  • Thursday, 24 Feb 12 noon – 5pm (12h00- 17h00)
  • Venue: Keys Hotel, Uru Road
  • Friday, 25 Feb 10am – 8pm (10h00 – 20h00)
  • Saturday, 26 Feb 9am – 5pm (09h00 – 17h00)
  • Venue: MoCU Stadium Grounds

PLEASE NOTE There will be no collecting after hours or on race day, so make sure you have your race number first. If you are unable to collect it, you may send a friend a copy of your ID, a copy of their ID, and an official letter confirming that they may collect your race number on your behalf.

Bring your proof of payment, or email / and race entry reference number when collecting.

Please ensure you collect from the correct venue as you indicated on your entry form.

COVID REGULATIONS FOR KILI MARATHON: Please take the required measures in terms of socially distancing standards and use the permitted PPE / Masks before starting, participating, and completing your individual events.

Further information on this can be obtained at a nearer date to Race Day.

We’ll have temperature reading stations and hand sanitization stations set up at race number pickup, the start, throughout the route, and at the finish as part of the event.

To allow for a staggered socially distant start in all three events, we will be seeded runners based on the honest input of their running times, thus we want all competitors to state explicitly on their entrance application which seeding batch they would be most appropriate for — elite, quick, medium, and slow

Kili Marathon Charity:

TLM, Caring for Children with Cancer in Tanzania

Click here to make a donation


Children with cancer in Tanzania have appropriate access to quality services

leading to cure rates seen in resource-rich settings.


No child in Tanzania suffers or dies unnecessarily from cancer.


  • Commitment – to reach and provide free treatment to every child with cancer in Tanzania.
  • Excellency – to provide the highest quality of care and to use all available resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Partnership – to work continuously in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the national Paediatric Oncology Network, CHI, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) and our donors and supporters to

make our vision of a comprehensive and coordinated national service a reality.

  • Integrity – to ensure accountability and transparency with all funding received and services offered for children in


  • The Now & the Future – maintaining two equal priorities: providing the very best for children now by whatever

means available, while constantly striving for local system strengthening for the children of the future.

So are you excited about this upcoming event? Let us know if you will be participating in this Kilimanjaro Marathon even of 2022 in Moshi, Tanzania.


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