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11 Days Western Breach Route

Due to the risks involved in taking this route to ascend the peak, the 11-day Western Breach route itinerary is seldom ever undertaken. It approaches Uhuru Peak from the west and offers a different route to the summit. In roughly 1.25 miles (2 kilometers), the challenging Western Breach rises 2,800 feet (850 meters), requiring significant scrambling.

5 Days Marangu Route

The Marangu route, which is the mountain’s oldest and most popular path, is used in the five-day Marangu route itinerary. This path, also referred to as the Coca-Cola route, is popular among climbers because statistics indicate that at least 40% of Mount Kilimanjaro climbers choose it.

6 days Machame Route

For mountain climbers with prior climbing expertise and the capacity to acclimate more quickly, the 6-day Machame route is advised because it does not include the extra day for acclimatization. The most popular way to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is probably the Machame route, also referred to as the “Whiskey” path.

6 Days Marangu Route

The more advantageous option for ascending Mount Kilimanjaro via the well-known Marangu route is the 6-day Marangu route plan. For climbers who prefer not to camp in tents, it offers an extra day for acclimatization compared to the shorter 5-day variant.

6 Days Rongai Route

This 6-day route uses the Rongai Route to get you to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Treks up the Rongai Route, which is known for being more attractive than the Marangu Route, easier than the Machame Route, and with a higher success rate, are available from Tranquil Kilimanjaro.

6 Days Umbwe Route

Many climbers, particularly first-timers, dislike the 6 day Umbwe Route Kilimanjaro itinerary for a variety of reasons. It is one of the mountain’s most difficult routes to begin with.

7 days Machame Route Itinerary

The 7-day Machame Route gives you an advantage over the 6-day Machame Route since it gives you ample time to acclimatize and summit safely. Probably the most common path for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is the Machame route, sometimes known as the “Whiskey” route.

7 Days Shira Route

Shira is an ancient route that does not adhere to normal acclimatization guidelines, so the Lemosho Route, which is more recent and better, is generally recommended instead of the 7-day Shira route package.

8 days Lemosho Route Itinerary

You get an extra day to acclimatize on Mount Kilimanjaro if you choose the 8-day Lemosho route plan. The Lemosho gate serves as the starting point for this 8-day Mount Kilimanjaro package for hiking the mountain through the Lemosho Route. The Mweka Route is used for the descent.