Pundit Savage rushed to hospital during Kilimanjaro charity trek
Robbie savage Kilimanjaro

Robbie Savage has said that he believed his ‘brain was going to explode’ after failing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro‘s full 19,000 feet during a charity hike.

The 38-year-old had climbed to 12,000 feet on Tanzania’s highest peak before succumbing to possibly lethal altitude sickness.

Later, Savage was diagnosed with fluid on the lungs and low oxygen levels in his blood.

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‘Thank you everybody for your get well comments, I’m out of danger now after fantastic work by medics and my guide in Kilimanjaro,’ the ex-Derby County midfielder posted on Twitter.

‘Severe altitude sickness at 13,000 feet is a dreadful and frightening scenario, with fluid on the lungs, a feeling like my head was about to burst, and dangerously low oxygen levels in the blood.’

‘Vomiting and dizziness, then trying to go below 9,000 feet as fast as possible when you’re unable to walk straight and informed you might die if you go much higher is terrifying.’

‘But, happily, I’m OK now, and my team is doing fantastically well, they’re such courageous and amazing people.’

The BBC Radio 5 Live commentator was participating in the Charity Kilimanjaro Expedition to raise money for the Responsible Gambling Trust and a project to support Kenyan schoolchildren.
‘On the descent down my guide stated we had to be quick to miss the animal crossing of lions, buffalo, and elephants, which was not fantastic news,’ Savage said of his route to safety.
Then there was a ride in the rescue truck through the darkest of Kilimanjaro’s roads, unlit, with motorcyclists without lights, and people wandering on the road, which was so frightening that it was one day I will never forget!!’


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