The best Coffee shops and Cafés in Moshi for pizza and meetings
Coffee shops in Moshi

Apart from Mount Kilimanjaro, Moshi is home to a diverse array of local coffee shops, where visitors are greeted with frothy cappuccinos, tasty pizzas and friendly chatter. While each tourist may have their own favourite spot, certain cafes stand out for their expertly brewed coffee and award-winning pastries. Here, we have compiled a list of our top choices for grabbing a cup of coffee in Moshi. The city has seen an increase in coffee roasters, reflecting a growing trend among Tanzanians who value high-quality brews.

Moshi is a small town, like a village made popular probably because of the droves of tourists that come to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. Now imagine sipping your coffee and having your yummy bites while you enjoy the beautiful views of the snowcapped Kilimanjaro.

Locals now pay close attention to the origin and ethical sourcing of their beans, insisting on freshly roasted batches at the perfect temperature. They prefer steamed milk to foam and look for a layer of golden crema atop their espresso. Nevertheless, the definition of the ideal cup of coffee remains highly subjective. We have curated a list of the top 10 roasteries in the city to help guide you on your coffee exploration. So venture out, explore your options, and may our selection of Moshi’s finest coffee shops serve as a great starting point for your coffee journey.

Union Cafe

Union CafeThe farmers of Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union are well-known for their production of Kilimanjaro Coffee, a distinctive washed Arabica variety highly regarded for its balanced body, acidity, and flavour. This coffee’s unique taste is attributed to the volcanic soils of the mountain, contributing to its reputation as one of Africa’s finest offerings. The award-winning Union Café is an ideal place to socialize or simply relax. The café boasts a modern aesthetic with local cultural influences, creating a cozy setting where guests can enjoy complimentary newspapers or utilize the free Wi-Fi. All coffee served has been certified organic by Naturland since 2004, ensuring it is cultivated without harmful chemicals. Located at School Street at the intersection of Old Arusha Road and Selous Road in Moshi, Tanzania, the Union Café offers a menu with a variety of appetizing choices from different cuisines that can be enjoyed on the verandah throughout the day. Operating hours are daily from 08.00 AM to 10.00 PM. During a recent visit to the Coffee Union, we were impressed by the outstanding coffee served. The talented baristas craft flavorful coffee that exceeded our expectations, set in a warm and welcoming ambience perfect for unwinding. The attentive and friendly staff further enhanced our experience. While the food selection may be somewhat limited and not on par with the exceptional coffee, the quality of the coffee alone makes the café a must-visit. If you are looking for an exceptional coffee experience, this place is sure to satisfy. However, those seeking a wider array of dining options may want to explore nearby establishments. Discovered while exploring Moshi, the Union Café offers a unique experience, particularly for pizza lovers. Additionally, there is a quaint souvenir shop adjacent to the café, perfect for those interested in browsing unique items. The Union Café provides added conveniences on-site, including a stand where the acclaimed Union coffee brand can be purchased, secure parking, a backup generator, and wireless internet connection.

The Dawn Cafe

Dawns Cafe

Situated at the intersection of Station St & Kaunda Rd (across From The Former Nakumatt), we found the most delightful meals during our time in Africa! The food was incredibly tasty, offered at reasonable prices. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant. Be prepared to wait for up to 50 minutes for your order. Our choices included pizza, chicken curry, pineapple juice, beef steak, and fried rice, all of which were exceptional! The Dawn Cafe Restaurant is a locally-owned establishment that specializes in International cuisine. It is renowned as the top restaurant in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania, making it the ideal spot for a meal after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or going on a wildlife safari. We aim to create lasting memories for all our adventurous customers who come to visit. Many of the ingredients we use are sourced from our own garden, including fragrant lemon grass, rosemary, pepper, green vegetables, and tomatoes. I have visited this restaurant multiple times and always enjoy savoring a delicious Capucchino Coffee and Pizza with my friends. Whenever I need a break from the office, Dawn Cafe is my preferred choice due to its exceptional ambiance, service, and food. The restaurant offers a lovely garden setting, with most seating outdoors under a covered area, along with a few indoor tables. They serve a variety of espresso-based drinks as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner options such as salads, burgers, steaks, fish, pizzas, and pastas. While I didn’t consider the food to be the absolute best in town, I understand that they are a new establishment and am willing to give them time to settle in. Their menu also includes juices, smoothies, milkshakes, beer, and wine. The seating arrangement is perfect for larger groups of 8 to 12 people, and they provide free wifi which is surprisingly fast by Moshi standards.

Blossoms Cafe & Wine Bar

Blossoms Cafe & Wine BarSituated on Kilima Street next to Gladys Adventure & Safaris in Moshi, this charming establishment offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The coffee served here is exceptionally fresh and lacks the usual bitter aftertaste that some may find off-putting. Despite the slightly higher prices compared to local venues, it remains a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. With a serene ambiance, this hidden gem provides a delightful array of drinks and snacks, including coffees, teas, juices, and lemonades, all of which are simply delicious. The food offerings are also noteworthy, offering sizable portions at reasonable prices. Set in the heart of Moshi, the garden is a stunning oasis where patrons can relax, work, or savor a delicious meal in peace. Whether you’re in the mood for coffee drinks, natural fruit smoothies, layer cakes, or local dishes, this place has it all. Each item on the menu exudes quality and flavor, making it a go-to spot for many. The courtyard at the back of the building is perfect for those who prefer outdoor seating while enjoying their meal or drink. A standout on the menu are the fancy smoothies, layered with green and fruit juices in a cocktail glass, priced at a reasonable $2. For those seeking a conducive environment to work, hold meetings, or simply enjoy a meal in Moshi, Blossoms is the place to be. This clean and peaceful eatery offers top-notch customer service and mouth-watering dishes that are unparalleled. From the savory pepper steak to the refreshing juices, every item on the menu is sure to delight your taste buds. It’s a highly recommended spot for anyone new to the area looking for a quality dining experience. Nestled in the heart of Moshi town center, Blossoms is a newly renovated establishment that offers indoor air-conditioned seating as well as an outdoor private courtyard. Since opening for business in December 2020, it has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists. Serving a variety of espresso-based drinks, breakfast options, lunches, dinners, smoothies, milkshakes, and wines, Blossoms caters to every taste. Whether you choose to dine in, take away, or opt for delivery, this place has got you covered. Plus, with complimentary high-speed internet, you can stay connected while enjoying your meal.

Aroma Coffee Shop

Aroma Coffee House

Aroma cafe makes the best coffee. The nice waiter understands what you want if you want stronger coffee.. I think I had a triple expresso with good milk

Both the cappuccino with 2 shots and my veggie burger were really good! I had cheese in my burger which was unnecessary because the cheese wasn’t that tasty, but the veggie patty itself was amazing. Friendly staff!

Great local coffee shop to relax in and watch life go by whilst sipping some of the local beans. Reasonable selection of baked and fried goods if you need a mid-morning/afternoon snack too.

If you are looking for a place to drink very good cappuccino, coffee and mingle with local folks and tourists this is a place to be in Moshi, they offer varieties of local pastries so you can try the taste, not so sure with their food have not tasted it.

When you sit outside will see passersby because is the main road to Arusha city, expect the noises of cars passing there all day. They got free WI-FI.

Aroma Coffee is an underrated place in Moshi. located along Boma Road, near the Peace Globe roundabout where we can sit quietly and watch life passing by. I come here a few times per week for my writing work, a bit far from the main Market Street but it’s totally worth a walk. Unlike Union Coffee which is more popular among tourists, here we can find coffee and cakes which are pretty tasty with a truly local price. All staffs are friendly as well. Highly recommend for someone who looks for a non-touristic corner in Moshi town.

Despite it’s location (close to the Coca Cola roundabout) this place is worthy of the small detour from the centre. It is a small not-central hidden gem which serves tasty cappuccinos and delicious cakes. I ordered a nut muffin which was yummy and completed perfectly my short coffee break.
In addition, the staff is extremely accommodating and friendly, patiently answering all your questions. You’ll also notice local clients there, which is always a good sign. The interior is well-decorated, and contributed to the cozy experience during the visit. Highly recommend.

Courage Café

Courage Café TanzaniaSituated in the heart of Moshi, Tanzania, Courage Café is a charming café and vocational training center nestled between Lema Road and Kilimanjaro Road Shanty Town. This cozy spot directly supports survivors of sex trafficking through Courage Worldwide with every purchase made. Serving a delightful array of international breakfast and lunch dishes, as well as coffee, teas, and traditional Tanzanian cuisine with a modern twist, Courage Café invites guests to savor their meals while enjoying a picturesque garden view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The café boasts a range of features including outdoor seating, table service, delivery, takeout, reservations, parking, cash-only payment, free Wi-Fi, and playgrounds for children. My family adores Courage Cafe. The staff members are incredibly kind, and the food is absolutely superb. The avocado toast is a delightful breakfast option, while the chips with guacamole and salsa make for the perfect snack. The pizzas and pastas for dinner are divine. You could easily dine here for every meal for days on end! Discovering Courage Cafe was truly a gem! The ambiance is unparalleled, offering a cozy and tranquil environment. Beyond that, the food and coffee were simply delicious – that hardly does justice to how incredible the dining experience was. I returned multiple times during my trip and each dish I tried was exceptional. The tacos and cinnamon rolls, in particular, were outstanding. If you’re seeking a picturesque and inviting spot to visit while exploring Moshi, your search ends here at Courage Cafe! Courage is not just a charming spot to enjoy a delectable meal or one of their renowned coffee specialties. By dining here, you are aiding in the fight against child exploitation and trafficking with every dollar or Tanzanian shilling spent. The service is wonderfully friendly, and I personally enjoyed their Halloumi and Chicken salad. With vegetarian and vegan options available, a cozy terrace, and a spacious lawn complete with a playground for children to frolic about, Courage provides a space where kids can play freely until they are tired and thirsty. Nestled in a scenic and tranquil location, the cinnamon scrolls, brownies, and coffee at Courage were absolutely delightful. On a clear day, you can even catch glimpses of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the cafe. However, what truly warms the heart is the fact that all proceeds go towards safe houses for trafficking victims. The incredible work they do is deserving of support, and I also found some lovely gifts in their shop.

Jackfruit Cafe

Jackfruit Cafe moshiSituated in Shanty Town on Peter’s Road in Moshi, this café is known as one of the top spots in town. The culinary offerings are consistently excellent, with the raspberry juice being a standout choice. A dedicated area for children adds to the charm, while the open-air seating is particularly delightful. Sushi, burgers, and honey cake are some of the most popular menu items, presented generously on attractive plates. The staff is warm and inviting, and the garden is meticulously maintained, complete with a special play area for kids. The café boasts a relaxed ambiance, with picturesque gardens, cozy tables and chairs, and a spacious canopy for shelter during the rainy season. The interior is modern and clean, with reliable free WiFi available throughout. The clientele is a mix of tourists, expats, locals, and families, creating a lively and diverse atmosphere. The owner and employees are welcoming and attentive, and the food is truly exceptional. Pizzas made in a traditional European style oven are a highlight, as is the calamari dish, which is fresh and expertly seasoned. Enjoying a leisurely meal with cold local beers in the garden proves to be the perfect conclusion to any visit. Whether ordering burgers or pizzas, guests consistently rave about the flavorful dishes, with a wide menu selection to suit all tastes. Seating under the shaded area outside provides a tranquil setting, with efficient service for both beverages and meals. The reasonable prices and the unique touch of Kilimanjaro beers served in tankard-style glasses add to the overall appeal of this lovely establishment, making it a favorite dining spot in Moshi.

Kilijava coffee & chai

KilijavaSituated in the Nakumatt building, at the intersection of Kaunda and Station Road, Kilijava is a must-visit spot in Moshi for delectable doughnuts and coffee. With a stunning view of the mountain during sunset, this cafe offers a delightful experience. The staff at Kilijava are incredibly charming and friendly, however, the management’s poor attitude and lack of understanding towards customer service and loyalty among Moshi residents was disappointing. Despite this drawback, the quality of coffee and food is exceptional, making it a tantalizing choice for a visit. Ideal for basking in the beauty of Moshi and admiring the view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilijava offers a wide range of tea and snacks served by warm and welcoming staff. I personally recommend trying the Kili Java steak sandwich and the Kili Java chicken salad sandwich, both of which were delicious. The iced espressos and coffees are rich and full of flavour, definitely worth trying. One of my preferred cafes in Moshi, Kilijava serves scrumptious doughnuts along with quality iced lattes, delightful salads, and wraps. The unforgettable view of the mountain during sunset adds to the charm of this cafe, making it a highly recommended spot.

One Bike Pitstop Café & Bar

Hillary’s bike tour of Moshi was highly acclaimed for its exceptional quality. After a memorable day, participants returned to the One Bike Pitstop Café & Bar and were amazed by the charming ambience and relaxed vibe. This unforgettable spot features a new setting with distinctive decorations and architecture that pay tribute to bicycles. With Hillary’s warm hospitality, guests felt extremely welcomed at One Bike Pitstop, guaranteeing a truly enjoyable experience.

Cafe Halisi

Cafe Halisi, situated in Moshi, is a popular juice bar known for its wide variety of beverages. Renowned for its classic and revitalizing drinks, this establishment has become a favourite spot in town for satisfying your thirst. Offering an extensive selection of options, Cafe Halisi ensures there is something to please every palate. Whether you desire a traditional drink or something more unique, this juice bar has everything you need to quench your thirst.

Kili kahawa Restaurant

Kili kahawa is a restaurant and Shisha lounge situated on Kibo, Lengua Road in Moshi, across from Kilimanjaro Express & NBC Bank, this restaurant offers tasty pizza and spring rolls. In my view, their espresso ranks among the top three in Moshi. The staff is welcoming and accommodating. They provide delivery, takeout, reservations, outdoor seating, parking, highchairs, wheelchair access, serve alcohol, wine and beer, accept Mastercard and Visa, digital payments, offer free WiFi, accept credit cards, provide table service, have a drive-thru, and offer family-style dining.


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