Why is the Kilimanjaro hike famous?

Here are some of the reasons why Mount Kilimanjaro is a popular hike for mountain climbers.

  1. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest point on the African continent.
    It does not have a large snowcap due to its closeness to the Equator. The trail(s) to the peak are, in fact, all hiking paths. To climb Kilimanjaro, you don’t need to master skilled ice climbing. This is most likely the most important reason for its appeal. Mont Blanc, in Europe, is significantly shorter than Kilimanjaro, yet it is always covered in snow, and climbing it needs advanced alpine ice climbing expertise.
  2. There are a slew of tourist guides, porters, lodges, and other services in the vicinity, making the hike’s logistics a breeze.
  3. It’s possible to combine it with an African safari in the Serengeti, making a trip to Tanzania for the walk more appealing.


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