Altitude / Kikelelwa Camp Elevation: 3660 m.a.m.s.l.

Kikelelwa campsite is situated along the Rongai Route on Mount Kilimanjaro and is the third campsite that you come across on your way to the summit. This campsite is an overnight resting point along this long route on Mount Kilimanjaro solely used by climbers using the Rongai Route passing through the base of Mawenzi.

Accommodation on Kikelelwa Camp

Kikelelwa Campsite is a public campsite, open to all climbers. Since it doesn’t offer any house accommodation or it requires all climbers staying here to pitch their own tents.

Also, hikers using the Kikelelwa campsite are required to bring their own food and personal supplies.

Toilets on Kikelelwa Campsite, Mount Kilimanjaro

Due to limited and lack of water supply, most toilets at the camp are pit latrines otherwise referred to as dry toilets.

Location of Kikelelwa Campsite

Kikelewa campsite is located in the moorland zone of Mount Kilimanjaro vegetation on northeastern of the mountain. Since the camp is located on a relatively higher altitude, plants here are shorter than on the zones below and the population here diminishes at there is not enough vegetation to sustain them. Here you don’t expect to see any of the big game wildlife but rather smaller animals like rodents.

Since Kikelelwa Campsite has shorter vegetation, it lacks windbreakers in the form of trees or blocking hills. It only has small fragments of rocks sprinkled here and there. The nights here are more silent with high winds blowing from time to time.

The next camping point after Kikelelwa campsite is Mawenzi tarn while the campsite before this one is the Second Cave campsite.

Additional information

RoutesRongai route
AmenitiesCampsite, Shared toilets/pit latrines
VegetationMoorland Zone

Kikelelwa Camp Kilimanjaro
Kikelelwa Camp
Kikelelwa Campsite Lunch spot