Moir Hut Camp Elevation / Altitude: 4161 meters above sea level

Moir’s Camp is an old, run-down, and ruined pyramid shaped-wooden hut situated along on the magnificent mount Kilimanjaro’s Shira plateau.

The Moir’s Hut was one of the pioneer camps set up on Mount Kilimanjaro to accommodate climbers but is no longer in service nowadays as it is no longer in use.

Moir Camp is a scenic and quiet campsite on Mount Kilimanjaro hidden in a valley surrounded by steep slopes and hills known as the Lent Hills which are usually used to acclimatize especially when you are using the Lemosho Route.  It is most probably one of the quietest camps on the mountain. An acclimatization trek on the Lent hills at Moir Camp would have you climb up to 4700 m.

Location of Moir’s Hut

Moir’s hut is situated approximately 100m north of the Moir’s hut campsite near a volcanic ridge on the northeastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Moir’s hut can be encountered while using the following routes to scale Mount Kilimanjaro and making a detour:- Machame route, Shira, Lemosho, and the Northern Circuit route.

The Northern Circuit route is the only route that passes through Moir’s hut without amending your trip route.

The vegetation surrounding Moir’s hut is basically an alpine desert region bearing scarcity of plants or animals since the area receives very little rainfall. Moir’s hut ground is most volcanic ash soil which is extensively rocky.

Moir Camp for Lemosho Route Acclimatization

When doing the Lemosho 8-day trek, Moir Camp is one of the best camps ever because it gives you more opportunities to explore the mountain, such as crossing to the historical Fisher Camp, stopping there for a hot lunch, and then continuing on to Moir Camp, where you can choose to acclimatize for the northern circuit route. In addition, on Day 4 it is also very simple and easy to connect to Lava Tower Camp before descending to Barranco Camp. Tranquil Kilimanjaro highly recommends Moir Hut. If you’re taking Lemosho for 8 days, on day 3.

Distance from Moir Hut to Pofu Camp

With an elevation difference of about 380m, the distance from Moir Hut to Pofu Camp is about 12km or 7 miles and it would take you 5-7 hours trekking on foot from Moir Hut Camp to Buffalo/Pofu Camp.

Moir Camp

Additional information

RoutesNorthern Circuit, Shira, Lemosho and Machame routes
AmenitiesPit Latrines
VegetationAlpine Desert

moir hut
Moir Camp
moir hut
Moir hut camp