Buffalo/Pofu Camp Elevation / Altitude: 3995 meters above sea level

Pofu camp otherwise known as Buffalo Camp is located on the lower base of the Kibo volcanic cone, the highest peak on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is an overnight accommodation site situated on the Northern part of Uhuru peak, which is the highest point in Africa on the Kibo volcanic cone.

Since climbers using the rarely chosen Northern Circuit Route use Pofu or Buffalo camp, this campsite has very few hikers accessing it for accommodation in comparison with the other famous routes up Mount Kilimanjaro.

For this reason alone, Buffalo/Pofu camp has very little or no traffic at times.

Pofu or Buffalo campsite is isolated from the common paths used for Kilimanjaro routes thus it is reserved solely for the Northern Circuit route.

The Buffalo or Pofu camp uses only tents as there are no accommodation structures built on it.

Mountain climbers using the Northern Circuit are spoilt for choice as there are other accommodation options to choose from e.g. Buffalo campsite or third cave campsite.

Distance from Moir Hut to Buffalo/Pofu Camp

A trek from Moir Hut Camp through the Lent Hills to Buffalo or Pofu camp serves as acclimatization warm-up. The distance from Moir Hut to Buffalo or Pofu camp is 7 miles and it would take you about 5-7 hours to trek from Moir Camp to Buffalo Camp.

pofu camp, Northern circuit

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pofu camp, Northern circuit