School huts camp Elevation / Altitude: 4710 meters above sea level

School huts camp exists on Mount Kilimanjaro’s Alpine desert region.

It is a campsite located at the base of the Kibo volcanic cone and is usually used by climbers to (ascent) go up the mountain via the Northern Circuit Route.

School Huts Camp is actually the last accommodation point and campsite along the Northern Circuit Route or the Grand Traverse route before making the final attempt to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak.

As the northern circuit route is a very long route that is rarely used by climbers to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, this campsite is one of the accommodation points along that trail that is very quiet, and has minimum traffic of climbers as most climbers opt for the popular routes that use either Barafu Camp or Kibo Hut camp as the last base before making the trek to the summit.

The entire campsite area is small in size as compared to the other campsite on Mount Kilimanjaro.

School huts Campsite bear no structures apart from pit latrine toilets. Since the camp is located in high altitude area, water exists as dry ice and it is not available in liquid form that can be useful for sanitation unless it rains and rainwater is tapped. The only water you can depend on here is the one carried by porters.

School huts camp only allows accommodation in the form of tents; this means that you have to bring your own tents. It is also one of the final campsites among others like Arrow glacier, Kibo, and Barafu hut which you will come across before reaching the summit and it is one of the few places on Kilimanjaro where it snows.

Location of School Huts campsite

School huts campsite is located foot slope of Kibo volcanic crater, to the East, just a few kilometers north of Kibo huts.

The School huts campsite falls under Mount Kilimanjaro’s alpine desert vegetation that bears zero vegetation due to extremely low temperatures, high winds, and rocky grounds that cannot support plant life well.

Additional information

RoutesNorthern circuit route
AmenitiesPit Latrines

school hut camp
school hut camp