Third cave Elevation / Altitude: 3930 meters

The Third cave campsite, which was named due to its closeness to an old Mount Kilimanjaro cave that was used for accommodation in the past, is something that has since been banned by park authorities due to safety concerns. It is an overnight resting campsite.

Climbers using the less popular Rongai Route mainly use this campsite and it is the third campsite you encounter on this route after the Second Cave Campsite, which is the preferred option for the short variation route that does not pass through the Mawenzi Tarn campsite.

However, for climbers plying the longer Northern Circuit Route, Third cave campsite is the sixth campsite you encounter when you are coming from the Pofu Campsite.

Apart from Toilets in the form of pit latrines, there are not cabin accommodation buildings at the Third cave campsite because this place is mostly empty due to the fact that the Rongai Route receives a very low turnout of climbers.

For climbers expecting to spend their night here, they are required to come with their own tents, meals, and water.

Location of Third Cave campsite

Located along the boundary of the moorland and the alpine desert vegetation zones of Mount Kilimanjaro, Third cave lies to the North East of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The ground of this zone is filled with rocks and scree while the vegetation is filled with shrubs and bushes scattered everywhere.

Depending on the route you have chosen to use to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the next campsite after Third cave is either the Kibo huts campsite for Rongai Route or the School hut campsite for the Northern Circuit Route which are both fewer traffic routes.


Additional information

RoutesRongai route, Northern Circuit Route
AmenitiesLunch and Picnic Site
VegetationHeath vegetation Zone

third cave